Cruel Intentions..

he doesn't thrust for the hell of it..

Gotta admit.. the kid is good. I'm not sure if there is a class on having LARGE amounts of sex appeal but if there is.. Justy should teach the freakin' thing. I mean c'mon now.. how many of y'all can say you can watch Justy thrust around stage, stick his tongue out or do any number of the 100's of little things he does without thinking something explicit. Hell.. ya think he doesn't relize what he's doing? When he thrust you think hes just doing it becuase he wants to? hell nah..

The way he does the things he does is enough to make even the non-nsync fans think "dayum".. I mean.. whoa dayum.. let's take a quick peek here eh?

Thrusting: damn.. the kid is a PRO! He thrusts like nobody's buisness.. all I have to say is if you've screwed justy send me an email because before I die, I wanna know if he screws like he thrusts. Sorry, call me a perv but its true. C'mon now.. like you haven't wondered the SAME damn thing

Freestyle/Multiple Thrusting: Now, sometimes Justy goes a little over board.. there is a move, or a lyric and he goes crazy.. like in the Fox Family Special.. (which I guess is the same thing as the PPV) During "I just wanna be with you" when it goes "so live it up bayba" he pulls up his freakin' shirt so we get a better look and goes bam, bam, bam... like 5 times I sware.. i'm like "whoa damn.. what the hell was that" so I rewinded it a couple thousand times... hehe

Crotch Grabbin': Now, when Micheal Jackson does it, we laugh at him.. when Justy does it we go "damn".. its all about the approach.. Justy is all slick and sly about it.. yet when he does it its still REALLY obvious and we watch it slow motion.. well I do anyway.. hehe

The finger down the chest to crotch thing: Now lets think about this for a second. Justy isn't the only one thrusting and doing all this.. its all the members. Its in the choreography for goodness sakes.. justy is just the one who pulls it off. Hell, JC is a pro at this one too but justy is tha masta.. its really funny.. you can see it coming a mile away.. as for the crotch grabbin' sometimes its just BAM! and then we're like "whoa, what the hell?" but this.. he's just so smooth.. he does it so well.. hehe. All these moves are made to duh.. make everyone think about sexin' it up with justy

The tongue: Now this one I'm not too sure. maybe its inadvertant.. maybe Lou told him to do it, but he always sticks his tongue out... I think maybe this is to make us think of making out with justy.. I'm not sure.. but I KNOW there is this interview where they were supossed to say like what animal they are most like while they are kissing.. and justy says "a dog, because I use my tongue alot.."..if anyone ever needs someone to find out I'm your chick.. I'd make out with him.. for free even.. hehe, sorry

Maybe I'm just nasty... maybe Justy is just nasty.. I dunno.. What are your thoughts on the issue? Email us at


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