These are some funny lil' things I like alot.. check em' out.. I know it pisses me off when I don't know what the wav is about before I load it, so I'm gonna give you a description too.

eateateat.wav ~ Our favorite lil' thing from All Access... *Nsync song writing at it's finest

fred.wav ~ According to Chris, JC has changed his name to 'fred' and then JC goes "that's mah STAGE name"

1515marry.wav ~ On the MTV News 1515 they asked the guys some questions. This is their response to "who of you will get married first"... damn you and your lance bashing

1515turnon.wav ~ again from 1515, their response to something like "whats a turn on for you" or something.. oh justy, lou has trained you so well

POOFOOlance.wav ~ The famous poofoo song.. this is so funny, i love it