Our Vocabulary

Do we make up words? yeah... Do we have weird expressions? yeah.. Do we speak ebonics? yeah... But since we're so NICE we're gonna detail them out for your reading ease. This is something every "Hold Da Pickle" fan needs to read, otherwise alot of the crap we say WON'T make sense.

First I'd like to thank: too many hours of driving time, sleepyness, the fine city of Las Vegas, 32 degrees (y'all will make it big.. *chuckle*) and most of all Justin Timbalake for making these words possible.

Words we made up ourselves

Shnozzy ~ Meaning horribly bad, pre-puberty, nasal and/or sounding like a wounded moose on the side of the road that just got ran over by a mac truck's last call.. Singing. Examples: Britney Spears, Nick Carter, and the inspiration for the word.. Jeff from 32 degrees.. thanks babe

JoeCeided ~ Conciededness of stupid people. Examples: Howie D. and the inspirtion JoJo of 32 degrees

Sublimithrust ~ a subliminal thrust of odd nature. Example and inspriation.. Jojo of 32 degrees

Otha Words

carp ~ crap.. once Amanda typed that instead of crap and it was funny to her

LOOL ~ I don't know what this should mean yet, however it was another spelling error that was funny


Steve? ~ what? huh? I THINK this happened during one of our late night vegas trip talks where we were talking about something and Amanda said "steve has a shorty ya know" and Alex said "STEVE?" and it sounded cool.

98 degrees ~ dope to the max.. something really awesome is simply, 98 (lol. i learned how to use the "symbol" thing in frontpage)

Sweet D ~ cool, awesome, sweet. This came about when once Amanda said "Sweet D" instead of "Sweet" and it stuck.. but its so funny because its Howie's nickname.. lol

Ebonics and you

mah ~ my [example: mah ghetto dawgs in da house]

yo ~ a lil something you can add ANYWHERE [example: that was a tight movie yo]

tight: cool

aight?: alright

da: the

hella: alot [example: that is HELLA 98 degrees]

whatsupwitdatyall?: what is going on with that?

dat: that

G, dawg, homie, brotha: friend, buddy

foo: fool

word: the ending to a dope phrase [example: Amanda is crunk.. word]

crunk: cool/CRAZY.. and word Justin claims to have made up although he really just ripped it off from hip hop culture

Do you have a question about one of the words we use? Came across something you JUST don't get? Well, Email us. Giddy.up.toby@1nsyncfan.com and we'll help you out with your problems... word