"Hi! We're Alex and Amanda!"

so... we took all the common crap Nsync gets asked... and asked ourselves the very same questions.. watch up coming BOP! magazines for this profile... :) yeah, right (p.s. all these questions were taken directly from Nsync interviews, Nsync.com (the old one) and of course "Just Justin" and the pocket book series... haha, cept one)

Name: Amanda

Age: 14

Birthday: 1/23/86

Siblings: um.. none

Pets: Jasper and Jordan (poofoo and fordo) my two black kitties

Height: oh god! how embarrassing! okay.. so I'm 5'3.. I'm a midget I know

Hair Color: blackish-brown

Eye Color: brown

Nickname: mandy (only becuase of that part in the Mandy Moore song "candy" she goes "love always.... mandy" so I always say that) manders.. midgit

What do you look for in a guy: *note.. in interviews they always ask "girl" but, duh.. they're guys!* well.. I have a list of standard requirements.. unlike Nsync ah'm not gonna lie.. they have to have/be: hot, usually blonde, relativly smart, funny, sweet, nice, have nice eyes (i love blue eyes... but there's no more hot boyees with blue eyes at school anymore) athletic, friendly

What do you collect?: sneakers and antique knives! just kidding.. actually little bunny figurines, old dolls from my Gramie and Holiday Barbies!

*Favorite Nsync member*: listen y'all... Alex is making me like lance cuz' she wants JC and Justin all to herself! j/k... but in order of hotness or musical talent? or all together awesome? Alright..in order of how much I like them as all together hotties, and phat peeps ah'd say: Lance, JC, Justin, Joey and Chris

Favorite Color: pink, red and baby blue.. Justin can kiss mah ghetto bootae because I've always liked baby blue

Favorite food: mashed potatos.. nuff said

Favorite TV show: WWF RAW IS WAR!!!!! and SMACKDOWN! in fact and fine WWF programing is good by me.. even the kiddie show on Saturday morning

Favorite Movie: Gone with the wind, Tommy Boy, Shes All That, Varsity Blues, The Skulls (thats a phat movie)

Favorite Book: Gone With the Wind, JUST JUSTIN! and of course.... "Have a Nice Day" and "The Rock says" by the BEST authors ever... WWF WRESTLERS
Favorite word: CRUNK!!!!! and just like justin I NEVER say it! hehe.. um I'd say my favorite word but I'd have to beep it out! hehe

Favorite Holiday: Probably Christmas, or mah birthday

Favorite drink: Peach Ice Tea Snapple and Shirley Temple's

Favorite Stores: K-MART, Value Villiage... no j/k... for clothes: Old Navy (even though I barely shop there) and Target.. but for everything else I love claire's (they have EVERYTHING) and Sam Goody, and Fred Meyer simply becuase of the convience of buying CD's, posters, clothes, purses, perfume, makeup, toys, stuff for your house and food in one place (what? ah have no REAL job... babysitting USSSUAALLLFF does NOT count as a money making oppertunity..)

Are you single: AND READY TO MINGLE!! hehe

Favorite Nsync Song: All of No Strings Attached.. except "space cowboy" becuase that song just plain sucks

Favorite Non-Nsync song: well.. SAY MY NAME!!! (inside joke) by Destiny's Child, Thong Song, Forgot about Dre (simply because I AM EMINEM fool!) and like every other rap/hip hop song on our little lovely local radio station..
Favorite Nsync Video: I Drive Myself Crazy, until' theres a "Digital Getdown" video that is... tehehe

Favorite non-nsync video: the new hanson.. hehe "this time around" and DMX's "party up" and what else... alot EXCEPT britney spears

What makes you blush?: lots of things... my mens, when people compliment me. like when someone is like "oh your hair is cute" or some bull like that.. like what should I say? "I know"??? hehe...

If you were a mouse for a day, what would you do?: Go into Justin's house, listen in on his "Digital Getdown" with Britney.. then with my micro mini mouse recorder, I'd tape it, then sell it to Entertainment Tonight and MTV... and possibly WB if they "hook me up" with Dawson and Pacey! haha.. (yes I know they have names.. James Van Der Beek and Joshua Jackson.. I just like calling them 'Dawson and Pacey' better!)

Most embarrasing moment: well... lets see, I have tons... probably just doing the daily normal retarded stuff...

What do you think is your best feature?: oh my goodness... Justin said his hands.. haha... i dunno... I like my hair... its curly.. yeah

Greatest Fear: having the "scary, freaky, psycho killer boy" either : 1) in my room 2) in my house PERIOD 3) even worse.. on my bed 4) even worse.. IN my bed 5) in my closet 6) anywhere near me 7) on top of me.. pinning me down about to slash me up... y'all don't really get this.. lets just say there is a VERY scary boy who I dislike at my school.. seriously when he comes around I shake, and feel like I'm gonna have a heart attack or something

One thing you would change about yourself is: my ghetto booty... hehe actally my teeth (braces suck monkey poo y'all) or when I smile one eye closes a little more than the other and it screws up all my pictures

Favorite Nsync Picture:

Things that piss you off: Any Celine Dion songs, videos, merchandise, fans or anything Celine related, Britney Spears' whining voice, How I can sing better than Nick Carter, yet he's the one making millions, people who win awards when they don't deserve them, people who win awards and THEN don't even have the manners to show up, those damn pop up windows, people who think I'm weird, people who don't understand inside jokes and then expect you to explain them, when people come in the middle of your conversation and go "what? who? what happened?" and you have to start over becuase they are retarded

People who piss you off: Celine Dion, Danielle Fishel, "Scary killer boy", "beatch", these members of BSB: Howie (becuase he/she is a ugly fag and should be bitch slapped when he twitchs) AJ (becuase one of my good friends is OBSESSED with him and frankly, I am sick of hearing her sex fantasies about the boy) Nick (Six Words: Big fat pig who can't sing) and Kevin becuase he wants to be lance, and becuase I want to rip off his eyebrows

Name: Alex

Age: 14 (The teeny zone! noooo!)

Birthday: August 15th

Siblings: *none*

Pets: my little doggie Argus. he's a schipperkee, and he'll bite your
ankles off! (I'm training him to attack howie on command, just in case I
see him...)

Height: 5'6"

Hair Color: lightish brown.

Eye Color: Hazel (right now they're green, though)

Nickname: Ghetto Bitch, Ajax, Ginger, Alex...

What do you look for in a guy: oh, they have to have crispy hair- with big
side burns. oh HOT. and they have to be nice, and have a nice smile, and
FUNNY. funny is like my main concern, there. oh, and they have to like me.
and stay away from hanging off other girls. (hoes) he also has to have a FIONE lookin face, with nice eyes, and he has to have muscles. (oh baby, big arms and legs, and a 6-pack would be nice) and they cna't be deathly pale. *john is NOT that pale!!... but I hate him right now, so I agree, amanda.* OMIGOD, I almost ocmpletely forgot- one word. PECS. ... ok I'm picky and I'm a Leo. I read somehwere that Leos go by phsyical attraction. ..... ok ya think, much? ...see, that's why I have no mens. I'm too picky. damn it

What do you collect?: movie stubs and ticket stubs, and series stickers-
like the *Nsync ones you can get at Safeway, or the Spice Girl bubble gum
stickers (which I can't find anymore...)

*Favorite Nsync member*: Jc and Justin *suprise!*

Favorite Color: I dont' really have one, but I wear a lot of blue, so I
guess blue, then. ...BABY blue!! *giggle*

Favorite food: mmmm... Donuts...

Favorite TV show: I watch too much T.V., so I have a million; here's a
few: Simpsons, Drew Carrey, Who's line is it anyway?, POKEMON!!, Fresh
Prince of bel-air, (omigod, that was close, I almost forgot that one...)
Mystery Science Theater 3000, (I bet y'all have never even heard of that
show... anyway) Passions, (the only soap I'll watch, and only with Amanda
and Allison) Futurama, Malcom in the middle, *NSync live (hehe) ...and
that's all that I can think of off the top of my head... and those are the
shows that I can't miss! *sad sad life*

Favorite Movie: I seriously don't have one. I can never answer this

Favorite Book: Geri Halliwell "if only" (I'm reading it right now, but
right when I got it I was like "this will be my favorite book...")

Favorite Holiday: Christmas! aw, I love christmas...

Favorite drink: Milk. that's all I'll drink.

Favorite Stores: Sears (they have cute clothes, damnit!) Claire's
("claires has everything"-Lance 'I can't dance' Bass) ...(acutally I dont'
like claires, everything is too expensive for cheap crap that falls apart
too quickly... I just wanted to say the lance qoute) Retro Viva, Sam goody,
Tower records, Juxtapose, ... and that's all I can think of... *trying to
think of where her bee-line takes her through the mall...*

Are you single: and ready to mingle! ... or cry in my great depression of
not having a boyfriend, EVER!

Favorite Nsync Song: I like a lot... but "I want you back" & "Tearin' up
my heart" will always be my favorites!!

Favorite Non-Nsync song: um, I have song liking phases, so I don't really
have a continous fav... but I'll never get tired of "Spice up your life" by
the Spice girls :)

Favorite Nsync Video: I like "Byebyebye" cuz that just kiced ass, straight

Favorite non-nsync video: I like most of the Spice Girls videos, but I
like some of the BSB's videos... and.. whatever is cool on TRL, I guess.
(P.S. Carson is a fag)

What makes you blush?: when the damn teacher yells at me in class all the
time, or when I act stupid in front of my crushes, (which is all the time,
may I add...) and when I try to speak french in french class, but I have no
accent, so I sound like a RETARD. that's about it.

If you were a mouse for a day, what would you do?: *L* "sneak into the
white house!!" I would hide in my little mousy hole so I wont get stepped
on or eaten. OMIGOD! no I know what I'd do!! I'd sneak into the boys locker
room. *L* hehe. *nudges amanda*

Most embarrasing moment: my whole life.

What do you think is your best feature?: my stomach... I think it's pretty
buff... or my eyes. ... I dunno. they're pretty buff, too. (I'm retarded)

Greatest Fear: getting paralized for life or some major scar, so I'd never
be able to dance again... and I'd have to be in a wheelchair. oh and Big
hairy spiders and death scares me, too.

One thing you would change about yourself is: I would change my voice so I
could sing. ooh! that would kick ass! ... now look I'm all depressed, cuz I
wish I could really do that, now...

Favorite Nsync Picture: I have lots.

Things that piss you off: this list will be longer than the T.V. shows
one... I'll try not to get to bitter, though... ok, people who act stupid
on purpose to get attention, people who think they are funny when they're
not, people who make a big deal out of things that aren't a big deal,
Beanie Babies, people who think they are right all the time, people who
think they are better then other people, people who judge others too
quickly, jars that are impossible to open, people who hate the spice girls
and then people who make fun of me for what I like, little kids who throw
tantrums for attention, bitter BSB fans, bitter Britney fans, Ketchup
Packets, things that are over priced, kids killing kids, sites that have
bad links to things I want, when people say they'll do something, but then
they don't do it or do something else, soap operas, CONCEIDED PEOPLE! oh I
hate that. ... and like fiddy fousan more stuff, but I can't think of all
of them right now. when I get pissed, I'll remember and add it on here, ok?

People who piss you off: you know what? I'm not going to get into that
right now... some other time.