~*~ UPDATES ~*~

Why I love this Picture.. I may never know... I suppose its one of life's great mysteries...

Oh My Goodness, I haven't updated in years. lol. not quite. Anyhoodle, we gots some 'crunk' stuff in here for y'all!

SmackDown is now officially up and running with 1 new match, but we can't keep making them WITHOUT you, so be sure to keep the emails comin' aight?

Lance = One Bad Motha: "thats some dope.." riiiight

Lance Sucks: An interview, with commentary by a bitter Amanda

Pineapple and Joey's hoes: a funny interview, with more commentary by Amanda

'Making the Band': I got the bios Lou wrote for them.. AND pictures..

Randoms: This week's edition = convincing myself to like Nsync again

Top Ten Lists Premiere!

~ Top Ten Names for our Soap Opera

~ Top Ten Best Nsync Songs

~ Top Ten Songs WE wanna hear Nsync cover

~ Top Ten Reasons you can't replace Joey

~ Top Ten Reasons you can't replace Chris

~ Top Then Reasons you CAN replace Lance

Soap Opera ~ Okay, here's the deal. So far Episodes 1-15 are up. Today however I am Posting 10 more Episodes I've had on the back burner.. lol. Please go read them and then email me and tell me what you think. I really want some feedback on this story for me to continue writing it.

Answer to: Help Me Please ~ Yeah, I got a new favorite member...

Not my boys ~ One weird chick's story

Our Vocbulary ~ You might wanna peep dis right quick otherwise, you might not be hip. Word




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