Top Ten...

p.s. LOOK AT JC! It's like.. whoa!

.. Names for our Soap Opera

10. Crackina and Thuga Peal

9. Tainted Love (lol, thats THE most common fan fic name I sware)

8. As the bus wheels turn...

7. Oops we did it again.. (cheated on someone.. lol)

6. Mass Margaritas

5. All My Nsyncers

4. A whole lotta f*cked up s*it up in here

3. Sex, drugs and cheesy pop music

2. Tumbling Toby's

1. JUST the good stuff: the way fan fic SHOULD be


.. Best Nsync Songs (Amanda's picks)

10. Riddle

9. No Strings Attached

8. Bye, Bye, Bye

7. I Drive Myself Crazy

6. I Want You Back

5. U Drive Me Crazy

4. More Than a Feeling

3. Giddy Up

2. Best of My Life

1. Digital Getdown

... Songs Amanda Wants to Hear Nsync Cover

10. I want it that way by the BSB

9. Hangin' Tough by New Kids on the Block

8. How deep is your love by Dru Hill

7. Doin' it by LL Cool J

6. No Sex in the Champagne Room by Chris Rock (lol)

5. Ninja Rap by Vanilla Ice

4. Wannabe by the Spice Girls

3. Can I get A... By Jay Z

2. I'll make love to you by Boys II Men

1. Baby Got Back by Sir Mix-alot


... Reasons why you can't replace Joey

10. Who is Chris gonna pick on?

9. The population in several foriegn countries would go down as a result of Joey not touring in their area

8. There would be NO ITALIANS in Nsync.. and that sucks

7. Who would cook Justin pasta when Momma isn't around? (lol)

6. Who's gonna scare the kids?

5. Who's gonna cuddle with Lance when he gets afraid of the dark

4. Which one is gonna be the pimp? ya gotta believe Lance is gonna try.. god help us all

3. Who is the free clinic gonna test STD meds on?

2. Who are we gonna pick on? I mean, Lance is easy, but NOT as easy a target as Joey

1. Because then there would be NO STEVE.. and that just CANNOT happen


... Reasons why you can't replace Chris

10. Who else could go from pineapple to 'fine apple' (lol) in a week flat

9. Who would make all the funny jokes? lord knows lance isn't funny

8. Who's dog would piss on TV, causing lance to 'sware'

7. Who would piss off Justin by 'whoo'ing so the teenies do (Jay leno...)

6. No more fumanskeeto? damn!

5. Who's dog would crap in Justin's bed?

4. Who's girlfriend would we think is cool?

3. Who's girlfriend would get in fights and make the front page of Entertainment Weekly?

2. Who else could sing like he just got kicked in the nads?

1. Who would make fun of the teenyboppers?


...Reasons why you CAN replace Lance

10. He replaced Jason.. and we can replace him

9. No more outrageous Macy's bills (i.e. clinque counter stock up sale)

8. We wouldn't have to listen about how 'laid back' and 'buisness minded' he is

7. No more lime green shirts

6. Justin could sleep naked without worrying about Lance looking at him (and that could be a cool thing, lol)

5. The bus could be messy without lance throwing a hissy fit

4. No more bitch fights about mirror space time with Justin

3. He doesn't sing anyways, and when he does its off key or he forgets to "no stoppin... *missing 2 no stoppin's..*... uh.. no stoppin"

2. Him and Sabastian would be very happy in their pink barbie dream house

1. Never again would we hear the words ".. cuz I'm from Mississippi" or "toby"

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