Ticket Hell

We were there, and we lived to tell about it

(Amanda in Tan color,  Alex in Green color)

tixriteaide.jpg (47068 bytes)

Me on left, Amanda on right, in front of the motorhome, showing off our tickets-- we were sticking around to see all the dissapointed faces when the guy said the tickets were sold out. hahaha. I have some twizzlers in my hand, I was eating crap all night.

First of all, I'm gonna start with me Bitching , and then what happened at our own personal teenybopper dance/sing/scream a-thon.. bastards

Number 1 ~ Who in the FUCKS idea was it to have all tickets go onsale on the same day, and with 3 days notice? this fucker should get the beat down...

Number 2 ~ Why did they have to go onsale at 10? why not 5 at night... that way to get there extremly early we could've got there at 10!

Number 3 ~ ok I'm pissed-- we had to buy extra tickets for Amanda's cousins and stuff, and so we were put in a sucky area, cuz we bought 8 tickets. (the most you can buy for one person) so people behind us in line got better seats than us.

What happened:

So me and Alex, being the die hard Nsync fans that we are... emlisted the most kick ass ghetto mom on the planet (big ups to mah mom...) in helping us in the great ticket brigade... even my dad was giving me suggestions on who to call... and where to go. Well on Friday around.. umm.. 7? 8? I dunno... Alex came over.... we chilled... and went to the store where the T-shirt thing didn't fail (a side note, ladies if you wanna see a hot guy that you know at the store, where and T-Shirt, warm up pants and slip-on sandals..) anyhoo.. we did the usual... sat on the ground of the magazine isle and read BOP! mags and looked around for nsync related food... (i.e. the baby-blue packaged crispy m&m's...) then when we were on the way home when we say some chicks run across the main street... odd.... then mah dad says when we get home "um, sarah and some other girl were here to see you" uh.. okay. This has a point.. sorry. Anyway... we are fixing a kiddie TV dinner for Alex, (those were some good fish sticks- oh and my pudding had sprinkles. Amanda had pudding- but it HAD NO sprinkles. what bitch, what?) and cold spaghetti-o's for me, when mah buddie sarah comes back with her friend "Amanda". Well I love mah homegirl, but I mean, this was Ghetto Bitch Ticket weekend and here she is right before "Making the Band" comes on. whazzup wit dat, y'all??

Well after several attempts to get rid of the chick.. "sarah,you need to go home" etc. She is still there. Well So being the bitchity bitch that I am, I make up this BIGG ass story about how me and Alex are flying to Orlando on the red eye tonite with my cousins and mah aunt... and how we needed to leave to go get our luggage at mah grams house... hehe... well. She finally left.. I ate mah speghetti-os and we moved on. ...Actually, Amanda, that had no point. it just proves you have some annoying friends, and you lie good. ...moving on.

After watching tv, and chillin we did some more crap that in looking back was really gay but funny.. we won't talk about that. then that was pointless to say... here I'll tell them- ok, so we know this guy, and we were really tired, and being jack asses, and emailed him. He looks like 98's Nick Lachey and he's really concided, so we told him Nick was ugly. ...we are dumb and wasting your time. ...moving on. Then we watched some backstreet shit of alex's... (I don't like them anymore, because Brian is getting married, and that's the only reason I really liked them. well anyway) and I almost thought I had the hots for Brian... what the hell it was Midnight okay? he was lookin good... hell even nick was lookin kinda good... sad huh? After being tramatised by watching Howie (ew) bump-n-grind (ewew) into the camra during "Quit playin games with my heart" video.... we were sleepy. We slept till 3 where I woke up to Tom Green yelling some crap from the TV (mah tv has this thing that you can have it turn on automatically at a certain time) we slept till 3:30, I think. Amanda told me that happened, but I didn't wake up at all. I woke up at 3:30, I think.

Well we decided to take some necessary stuff (J-14, WWF comforter, CD players and cds, money and candy) and hop in tha motorhome.. where the bomb diggety-iest momma ever drove us to our friendly (psh, friendly. that ticketmaster guy can kiss my friendly ass) local Rite Aid.... After extensive reserach (i'm not shittin' ya, I called SOO many places) I discovered EVERY damn where was doing a random drawing... (and we heard that this Rite Aid might not do a random drawing, so we were like HELLS YEAH, but then they did the raffel at the last moment cuz so many people were there) so why not head some where close? well.. we got there and guess what? THERE WERE TEENYS ALREADY THERE!!!! ITS 4'o clock IN THE FREAKIN MORNING! damn dude... anyway... we would've been #2 in line but we sat in the camper... and then went to safeway to buy cinnamon rolls for mah momma... a disposable camara, new engagement rings, (more about that some other time) and 2 oranges (more about THAT some other time too.. hehe) well.. then we decided to grab the lawn chairs and head out before anymore people came.

m34AMriteaide.jpg (30415 bytes)

me at 4:00AM... I was freezing, and tired, and AMANDA decided to take a picture of me saying "don't take my picture..." ...can you see the shopping carts behind me? I had Amanda's WWF comforter on me. later some chick was like "oh, cute comforter" ... yeah.

We sat out there for awhile before we started being bitches... arguing... hell we slept like 2 hours and here we are in the 30 or below weather doing this for what? for justin? dammit! we were pissy, then we bonded.. then got pissy, then were happy... well as the time rolled on the fun really began...

Around 6 or 7 we witnesed the first bitch fight of the night... I told alex "watch, they're gonna start fighting about whos hotter" and low and behold... they did... in true teeny fashion it began... "lance is hot"... "lance is a queer".. "i love justin!" well we didn't hear how it started but I caught the end of the funniest teenybopper thing....

Bitchygirl #1 and Bitchylittlegirl were fighting over justin. Who would marry him? who will *kiss* him at the concert... some shit like that I assume... well then this bitch #1 gets mean....

Bitchygirl #1: "Last time I checked, Justin stopped dating TEN YEAR OLDS"

crowd: "ooohhhh"

me and alex: "AHAHAHAHAHAHA"


me and alex: "AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA" *pure comedy*

Well later on... these bitches would turn their wrath on us.. more about that lata..... so then these other chicks come along, and start redecorating the Rite Aid store outside... putting up posters.. seriously... we have a picture of this... then they had to go into Safeway and buy tape to put them up and keep them from falling down.. ahaha... it was good. Anyway.. needless to say somehow they got whipped cream and put it on Justin... oh man nevermind

postersriteaide.jpg (38931 bytes)

well here's the flamers that put up posters while they were waiting. but seriously- that so sounded like something I'd do. but just to be funny. see those carts? we were just a little ahead of those, but you can't see us. this is like 7AM, or so... it's at least light out now.

Well After all of that.. the real drama began. Alex saw someone she knew.. and she had alot of friends with her... and they were told not to come before 7am or they'd be arrested.. well being the rule followers that they are, they didn't get there till 7... and the line was HUGE already... so hell... talking to her for an hour at least, we let them cut with us. Who cares? Its a random drawing anyway. Well the "shiesty bitch" as i called her that was there really early says "its first 25 is in line order, and everyone else is random drawing" so the bitches came out (btw, the girl who started the "first 25" rumor, is the girl standing up holding the magazine in the above picture)

Okay I can see their point... this was like 8 chicks cutting in front of them... but they were our kinda-sorta- homegirls... we gots to represent.. well they started bitchin out alex's bud and all her older friends (btw, all the girls were seniors or older I think, and the bitches are 12 AND A HALF remember?).. ahaha well needless to say, bitch went down.. down, down, down... becuase they are what? 12? sit down little ones... no need to piss our pull ups now... damn teeny boppers.. anycrap... it is a random drawing all the way through... everyone starts standing up... why? I have no idea... this is 8 o' clock.. well we stood up... and put away our chairs and stuff, so we are DUMB because we'd be standing there for 2 hours! ... and we did.

And some dumb bitches starting screaming... (because the store manager opened the door, BUT he wouldn't let anyone that was there for the 'Nsync tickets in, only the old people to get milk and crap... adults kept looking at us weirdly as they came in and out of the store... they didn't know we were there for NSYNC tickets. boy, I guess they don't remember the day they stood in line for the beatles or whatever the hell they did when they were our age...) okay... Amanda has had enough.. most of the people here we cool high schoolers... no little dumb teeny boppers.... but I had NOT been up since 3 in the morning to listen to these bitches scream... so I go "SHUT UP! dayum!" (they didn't hear you, though, so there's no point in telling this...) not relizing i had just said it outloud... peeps were laughing at them.. and they shut the hell up.. thank god

Anyway.. we did the random drawing and before the "bucket lady" came to us we heard someone say "pray guys!" and so Alex seriously did the cross thing and prayed...( I was kidding. but I couldn't concentrate anyway, because everyone was screaming! damn! it's just an old lady with a plastic bucket!) and she came through!

The numbers began at 8001... and the first three numbers didn't matter... well we got

My Mom: ###8356 or something

My Aunt: (who came around 8 and was hella late to work becuase of all this crap) ###8210 or somethin

Me (Amanda): ###8455 or something equally outragous

mewith6tix.jpg (19500 bytes)

Alex: ###8006 BOOYA!! and after that, if Amanda pissed me off or something I'd be like "oh, who got number 6? oh was it me? oh yeah, I'm the one who got us *N SYNC TICKETS, BITCH! what? bitch, what?" hehe

Seriously... I'm not gonna act cool.. not gonna be ghetto... me and alex flipped.. we tryed to remain calm becuase we didn't want anyone to steal our ticket... we RAN out into the street and me and her and my mom just started SCREAMING and making asses out of our selves... out of humdreds of people we got #6!!!!! booya! I'm not gonna be cool.... I need to get into the RV pronto. I had to piss and I did NOT wanna pee mah pants... well Alex was shaking (*lmao*) and we took turns going to the b*room before we shit our pants! hehe

numba6tix.jpg (34190 bytes)

here we are- so proud- we made Amanda's mom take a picture of us holding the raffal ticket, as she stood in line AS number 6. rock on.

And when we get into the store... dancin around singing "number 6, number 6, we got number 6" Someone goes "AMANDA!" so I turn around to see mah homegirl megan... I gave her a hug and I'm like "what'd you get?" she goes "Number 5" I'm like "When'd you get here?" shes like "about 5 minutes ago" FUCK! seriously.. she was there 5 minutes... she was warm... she could feel her feet... her lips weren't chapped from the frosty weather and she gets number 5! oh well... we were like on a natural high from this number 6 thing to be too pissed. no, that pissed me off.

ticketshanded.jpg (46677 bytes)

this is the coolest picture you will ever see. I call it "the moment" ...actually I made that up right now, actually. but isn't that perfect? Amanda's Mom's cold hard cash, in exchange for some (crappy) ticketmaster 'NSync seats! this should be entered into one of those photo contests. ...it'll be called "the moment". ;)

THE END~ we got some seats.. not the phattest tix... but hell.... considering only 22,000 people are going to be seeing them in the WHOLE STATE! I think we did pretty dayum good.


Do YOU have a Ticket-getting experience you want to share with us? good/bad, funny/sucky- anything interesting. send to~ Busta.Rules@itookmyprozac.com and we'll post the ones we like.



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