Thug Appeal..

are you feeling his timbs and baggy jeans?

Well I admit it.. I LOVE THE THUG APPEAL SONG! Its actually called "Bring it all to me" by Blaque feat. Nsync.. well no kiddies.. Its feat. JC.. and he's a thug

The song is about this chick who meets this guy.. and shes all like "I don't care about the material carp.. just love me baybe.." and the guy is all like "yeah so you diggin' me den' beatch?"

This song is a really phat song.. I dig it... hell I bought the Blaque CD just for this song okay! It makes me giggle like a little girl... ahaha read what he says

Baby whats the deal?

Would it be too foward if I told ya how I feel

Thats just the way ah do mah thang

So fo' real

Are ya feelin' mah timbs, my baggy jeans

my thug appeal?

Do ya like it when a man can keep it real?

omg, I'm listening to it right now...when I can figure out where my microphone is I'll fix the page so that his part in the song will play so in case you haven't you can hear it fo' yo self... The single would have done so well but JC wasn't in the video.. personally I'm sad.. that would've blown up all ova TRL.. oh well.. I still like it..

NEW: I discovered where my mic was, so here ya go....

So JC has no Thug Appeal... or does he?

He's got some baggy jeans.. he's so skinny all his jeans are baggy

He doesn't got any timbs, but he's got some other shoes.. i dunno..

He's a druggie.. some thugs are too..

Two words: Digital Getdown.. there ya go.. hes thug.... I guess..


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