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In this Picture, it looks like someone was making fun of JC, and he looks like he's about to cry. While Chris, Justin and Lance are like "OOOOH, DISS!" oh, and I know that's not water in those beer-shapped bottles.

You need to know what the jokes are on the site, or else it won’t be funny. So read this first, and then you’ll understand most of the jokes.

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I bet This is how they showed up on their first day to present to Transcontinental. Lou said, "Great! the 10 year olds will love 'em!"

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"*N Sync is all 'bout Justin. ...Ah'm Justin. Justin Timberlake, Bitch. you betta reconize!"


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"uh oh, I think my heart stopped... no wait, oh, I just took a dump my pants."

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"You know, you'd look great in a pastel pink shawl. in fact, I made one for you! Happy Birthday, Toby 2!"

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"I just got off the phone with Jerome, and he said there's a bag of crack with my name on it!"

Now you've read the humor, on with the good stuff!