You might be a teeny bopper if...

What are the warning signs of a teeny bopper? How can you avoid becoming such a loser? What can you do once you've acquired this rare disease? Over the next few weeks I'll be offering my self help course titled: How Not to be a Teeny... a 4 step program to sucess... you can break the chain folks, its true, its true...

So you're first question is...


Well you are if you say yes to more than 9 of the following: *note: don't feel too bad if you say yes to some.. hell some of them I've done.. I'll tell you which ones*

- you plan on or have signed anyones yearbook, birthday card etc. as your name *Nsyncer's last name* (example: Have a great summer ~Amanda Bass)

- you argue with people that "I really do have a chance of marrying Lance" or one of the other members

- you believe any of the following.. a) justin is a virgin b) joey doesn't *hooch* around c) chris is pretty young d) JC isn't freaky deaky... (come on people..Digital Getdown didn't just come out of no where) e) Lance didn't sleep with Topanga and is saving himself for marriage.. (ahaha)

- You try and convince other girls/women that your favorite member "isn't that hot" becuase you don't want anyone else to like him (good luck...)

- the banner on your cell phone is Nsync related, and/or you wanted to get a Nokia with a baby blue face plate... (guilty as charged.. mine says "Amanda Bass" and I begged for that freakin' nokia.. I got a phat sprint pcs little babe though.. its quite sweet)

- you believe all that "single and ready to mingle".. carp.. (no I didn't make a typo, thats how I spell it)

- you wear an nsync t-shirt to a school dance... (I harrassed the chick wearing a Justin shirt to our dance.. her and her stupid, ugly friends were trying to be sesky during I think it was "Thong Song" and were dancing in a circle and I busted through their circle and got in the middle and did the running man.. its was sweet)

- you wear an nsync t-shirt in public, period (straight up, this is sad... void if it was a good reason like the day after/before the concert, during a concert, when they are in town, whatever)

- you scream when you see them somewhere

- you scream anywhere else at them/for them other than a concert

- you've cried because someone told you "YOU HAVE NO CHANCE WITH THEM"

- you get in fights with your friends when they tell you "they aren't real" (which is true yo, everything we see is what they WANT us to see...word)

- you really think married life with an nsyncer would be long and great (haha)

- you hate this site for "making fun of your husband!"

- the "from" thing on your email says your favorite Nsyncers last name as yours

- you've told/covinced someone on the internet you are/have....seen/dated/slept with/fooled around with/whatever with an Nsync member and not to be funny

- you've written a serious fan fiction (not like ours, we're mocking fan fiction, like a real one)

- you really hope nsync reads it (I hope Nsync DOESN'T read the little gem we've written, that could be embarrasing, but I don't really give a flying monkey butt because the chances of them coming here are slim to none)

My Total: 2.5.. I put .5 because when me and alex got the #6 ticket we were so pumped we screamed out little heads off.. but that doesn't really count right? Plus I'm guilty of the cell phone thing, and the signing thing, cept it was a joke, not being serious

I Am a Teeny...

If you have discovered you are a teeny bopper please proceed to part 2 of our series: What can I do now..

I Am not a Teeny...

Good Job my friend.. you have sucessfully passed the test of teeny bopper-dom.. but that doesn't mean you can't quickly acquire such traits. The tricky thing about this disease, and yes being a teeny bopper IS a disease, is that it can strike quickly. Watch Bye, Bye, Bye too many times, listen to "Kiss me at Midnight" mulitple times or watching *N the Mix and millions of other things CAN and WILL put you on the path to teenyness. Please proceed to Part 3.5: Prevention

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