Step 3.5: Prevention

So you aren't a teeny now, but you can accomplish anything.. so as long as you stick to the simple rules below you'll be all good

1) NO SCREAMING: When in public places (i.e. the mall, the store, school) DO NOT scream over anything Nsync, unless perhaps you get a paper cut from a poster... then go ahead cuz that hurts like a motha

2) "uh, ah'm broke": DO NOT spend more than 100$ a year on Nsync merchandise. I've kinda calcuated and I think I've spent about that much on CD's, magazines, posters everything.. not including concert tixs

3) Learn from our mistakes: DO NOT camp out for tickets unless its amazinly necessary. we did, we got jack

4) cracker *rewind*..cracker..: DO NOT watch Nsync apperances every day. limit your watching to a certain day of the week

5) vocabulary: DO NOT start using words such as JUSTINtime instead of just in time, or JUSTINcase instead of just in case... you get the idea..

6) cd skippin': DO NOT listen to your NSA more than 3 times a week, unless working very hard on your nsync humor site, then its okay to listen to it 10 times in a row.. (oops! could that be about me?)

7) name droppin: DO NOT EVER write your name using an Nsyncers last name, DO NOT EVER practice your signiture with an Nsyncers last name and DO NOT EVER claim that your last name is that of an Nsyncer to strangers.. unless you're just screwin' wit them.. then its kinda funny to see chicks reactions when you tell them your name is "Amanda Timberlake"..

And thats it. Its that simple.. follow these lil' things and throw some regulations of your own into the mix.. (notice, i didn't say *N the mix) and you'll be sucessful

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