Who can I go to?

Where can you turn when you are about to relapse? Who will help you out in your time of need? well we are setting up the "*Nsync Sucessful Usage Center Knoledege group" a list of peeps who are recovering teeny boppers and others who will help you out! So in other words we are your sponsor center...

To Sign up for the *Nsync Sucessful Usage Center Knoledege group or.. *NSUCK

1) Send us an email (to Amanda's email.. below) including your name, your age and your favorite Nsyncer

2) either: link us on your site, or send our site addy and name to 5 friends. (send it to us too)

3) you're in! booya for you..

Together we can beat this! check out the current members of *NSUCK

1) Amanda ~ Giddy.up.toby@1nsyncfan.com

2) Alex ~ Baby.blue.juju@toosexyforyou.com

join today!


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