TRL SuperBowl Party

Nothing is better than the superbowl right? actually I feel the superbowl is pretty dumb... but becuase nsync was "N the mix" so to speak, I had to tune in... what did I see? about an hour of nothing special... just nsync acting stupid.. heres a few highlights of this oh so miss*able show

The Set Up's....

#1: heres the deal.. they had little competitions with NFL players involved.. good family entertainment right? Well some random girl out of the audience was chosen to get *Nsync to throw a football through a hole from different "yardage" to win her $1000 for each time they made it... so this should be so simple right? throw a football through a hole from 10-20 feet (i don't know exact mesurements, but it wasn't like 90 yards or anything) away... well here we gooo......

Chris: Mr. Football eh? not quite.... Chris was one of the later Nsync memebers to take a turn... so he says "can I move back? She'll get 2000?" well Chrissy... you needed to be way closer cuz you couldn't even make it from where you were! fool! a disgrace to all football players across america

JC: all that sticks out about this was "I wanna get her paid"... trying to be a thug again I see my dear... JC... lemme let you in on a little secret... YOU WILL NEVER BE GHETTO!

I don't really care to "review the tape" as they say in football to tell you who made it or not.. lets just say it took Doug Flutie (of Flutie Flakes fame) and James Van Der Beek (better known as Dawson or the southern hottie/yum and 3 quarters quarterback from Varsity Blues... Jonathan Moxon... yum, yum, yum.... I love that movie!) 1 try to make it through the hole.

#2 : the touchdown dance-a-thon.. A.K.A: a golden oppertunity for *Nsync to embarrass themselves/their fans on national television

Justin: "booty on the floor"? no ju.. that was "retard on his azz floppin around like a fish out of water about to be clubbed by a fisherman with a bloody stick"... sorry, that was sad.. so was juju's "touchdown dance"... which consisted of him a) catching the ball b) sitting down on the ground c) bouncing.. d) WHAT A FOOL!!!

JC: yeah babe.. score points with the fans... try and catch the ball in your shirt... then jump into the crowd.. and hump the barrier... oohhh... sesky eh?

Joey: as usual... attempting to get his swerve on with the cheerleaders at the end of the touchdown area or whatever its called

Lance: I'm so ashamed of you.. stay away from joey sweetie! Just because Joey "back his azz up" DOES NOT mean you are at liberty to attempt to molest the cheerleaders too... FOOL!

Chris: I don't remember, but I think he tried to catch the ball with his pants.. I dunno

The outcome: JUSTIN WON! hmm... wonder why.. maybe becuase it was by audience screams... damn favorite

#3: The obsitcle course

Nothin special... I don't remember the teams but I think it was Lance/Chris vs. Joey/JC and Justin got to "chill cuz ahm da winner".. Lance's team won though.. strange? not really... it was a close race but then it was Joey vs. Lance and poofoo runs faster.. hehe.. duh.. maybe if jojo laid of the twinkies.... just a thought

#4: performance

nothing special... evil camara men deprived us of the full view thrusting interlude... AGAIN... and this just in... I actually found Joey somewhat attractive....? strange? VERY! maybe becuase his hat covered his face pretty well

All in all a pretty big waste of tape space


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