Space Adventures Continued...

Justin: I's bees lovin dat song yo!

Lance: shhhh... those rejects will shoot us!

Suddenly the curtain flys open and this appears...

Nsync: *at the same time.. hell they are in sync right?) Oh my God!

LJP: yes! it is I! Louis J. Pearlman and I have summoned you here to.. talk

Joey: oh good.. I thought you would kill us, you know we sued you for millions of dollars and then dropped you like a pancake with no butter.... yuumm... butter sounds good.....

JC: joey! for once just shut up! how many times have I told you?!? Don't speak unless I tell you to!!!

Lou: ahh... JC... I see you have become the position of "big poppa" in my absence.. don't worry kids.. I don't bring you here to harm you... simply to speak to you... you see I have formed this little planet.. BFSWSBBM to house Boy Band rejects and let us all live together in peace.. come with me...

Lou gets up and waddles his way into another dark room.. and suddenly yells...

Lou: shut the doors!!!!

JC: whats going on here?

Lou: now you will suffer! all 10 of you!

Justin: 10 of us? listen homey y'all can't count yaknowwhatimsayin? deres only 5 of us up in here...

Lou: no justy.. you are wrong! show them!

The lights turn on and suddenly it hits them whats going on...Lou has trapped Nsync.. and the Backstreet Boys here in his underground torture chamber!

Brian: help us!!! We've been here for months!

Justin: ahaha!!!! ahahaha!! foo's! I tol' ya Nsync was betta! ahaha

Lou: now here is the real challenge... each of you will recieve a gun, loaded with one bullet. In order to survive you must kill each other. The band with the most remaining members will be set free. The others will be trapped here to rot for all eternity!

With guns in hands the boys began to look for someone to shoot....

Lou: 1....2..3... GO!

Justin:*shooting nick* whos the favorite now bitch?

JC:*shooting Justin* yeah who is the favorite?

Kevin *shooting AJ* thats for never letting me sing!

Lance:*shooting Brian and Kevin in one shot* I'm the Southen Belle DAMMIT!!

Chris: *shooting Howie* well you sucked in High School too... (chris claims to have gone to high school with howie)


Everyone stops and looks at Joey... he just saved them all..... all of the alive members of Nsync (JC, Joey, Lance and Chris) hug joey and walk out of the lair

Joey: hey guys?

guys: yeah joey?

Joey: since I saved you and all... can we get some pie when we get back?

JC: sure buddy....

Joey: hey guys?

guys: yeah?

Joey: can we get some big macs too?

Joey: hey guys?,,,,,,,,,,,

The boys walk off into the cruiser ready to go home and tell earth how Nsync saved the world.. yet again...

Writers Note: Hey y'all! Amanda here! I just thought I needed to wrap this up a bit... lets see.... the rejects from Making the Band scalped Justins dead body, as well as Brians and Kevins and wrapped it around there own ugly heads, and are now trying to start a Boy Band on earth call *REJECT,,,,, Lou's body was never found by the NASA employees who went on a recovery mission later that day... some say he got away, some say he's looking for revenge... some say he went to a buffet....anycrap

To clarify a few things.. you may be saying to yourself "Amanda, where did BFSWSBBM come from?".. actually I bet no one is saying that but just for yo' info.. I came up with BFSWSBBM in the same technique the boys came up with Nsync.. you see BFSWSBBM stands for Big Fat Slob Who Steals Boy Band Money... there ya go.. another GB production


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