*N sync *N Space


The Nsyncer's have been chosen by NASA to go on a dangerous rendovous mission with the planet BFSWSBBM in the galaxy of alphabeta 6239. There has been a major threat by the leader of BFSWSBBM; a being who only stated himself as being LJP. Apparently LJP personally requested that Nsync redevous with him on his home planet or he will blow up the earth. Nsync has already saved the earth once... and must do it again in....

*N sync *N space!!!!

Nasa dude: Okay men.. we have 13 minutes till' lift off. Its time to enter the cyber powered star cruiser

Lance: girl were you alone?

Nasa dude: what?

Lance: sorry.. thats usually the only thing I'm allowed to say...

Joey: will there be food on this thingy?

Nasa dude: yes, there is a 10 day ration for 5 men inside the hyperfrozen food chamber.

Joey: is there any chicks on this thingy?

Nasa dude: no Mr. Fatone.... no women aren't provided.. remember men. Stay focused! You are Earth's only hope of survival!

Justin: no worries G... Justys in da hiz-hoouze! Ah'm gonna take out dis wicketty wack planet as fas' as y'all can bes sayin "juju is one foine motha fu.."

Nasa dude: okay men! only 3 minutes till' lift off! please enter the star cruiser!

JC: *whipping them* get in there dammit! It's all good baybe.. I've got them under control

Nasa dude: good, I'm glad. You are earth's only chance.. god speed Nsync.. god speed...


Nasa dude: oh my god, we're all gonna die...

So an hour into the mission the boyz have left the atmosphere and are 5 hours away from BFSWSBBM, and Chris has been telling jokes the whole time.

Chris: okay. 1 more.. knock, knock?

Lance: for the love of god make it stop!!!!

Chris: then the bartender says "we don't serve dead carrots!" AHAHAHAHA

Lance: I can't take this anymore!!!!

After the 3rd hour the boys are getting restless. With JC at the controls everything is running smoothly. JC is happy Joey hasn't screwed anything up yet... in fact, none of the guys have seen Joey for almost an hour.. so JC puts the star cruiser on Auto pilot and all 4 guys go search the cruiser for Joey.

Chris: maybe he smuggled a girl on here...

JC: no I doubt it.. the only girl here is Lance...

Lance: HEY! shut up JC.. now with Justin looking like a afro puff fool I'm the new favorite!

Justin: shut yo mouf' punk! or jTr bes layin the smack down...

JC: shut up all of you! don't make me get my whip back out!

Justin: yo, check dis.. I's bees hearin noises comin' from dis room right heres


Joey: *with food spread all over the floor and a half eaten cheese stick in his mouth* uh oh

Lance: Joey this is all the food we have! did you eat it all?

Joey: ummm....

JC: I'm gonna kill u, you little mother fuc.....

JC attacks joey and after giving him a big beating, lets him go. The boys have about an hour left until' landing on BFSWSBBM, when joey emerges again.. JC is in the bathroom.. Chris and Justin are asleep in each others arms on the floor and lance has his face covered by "Mississippi Monthly" magazine and is softly snoring.

Joey: I'm soooo hungry.... must.. have... food.... must.. have... food... *looking down at the control pannel, he begins to imagine that the big red button reading "DO NOT TOUCH" is a big mac* ooohhh... how you doin' huh?.. yumm..... meaty and juicy and smothered in special sauce... I wonder what this button does... it has some words on it...

After careful thought and reading the letters over and over joey makes a decision

Joey: this button says "Big Mac Button"!!!!! If I push this, Big Macs will come falling from the ceiling and we'll be saved!

So Joey pushes the button, and just then the engine on the star cruiser quits and it begins to fall into outer space. JC comes rushing out of the bathroom, and smacks joey

JC: what did you do? dammit joey!

Joey: I just pushed this button, the one that says "big mac button"

JC: you idiot! that says " DO NOT TOUCH " not big mac button! we're screwed! *kicking Justin* Get up Justin! *kicking lance and then chris* dammit! get up! turn on the turbo thrusters!

Justin: I don't see how thats gonna help... but okay...

Justin, Chris, Joey and Lance begin to thrust in the middle of the star crusier... after about 100 thrusts Justin is confused...

Justin: JC-man.. dis isn't doin' jack yo? we still bes fallin out da air!

JC: dammit Justin! those turbo thrusters! the big baby blue button over there!

Justin: oh.. i gots ya G...

Justin hits the button and the ship begins to orbit again and fly into the planet of BFSWSBBM.... as they step out of the ship, they are greeted by the three rejects from the "making the band" series....

Reject1: *pointing a lazer powered gun at them* come with us.. our master has been waiting!

Reject2: do not attempt to escape.. it will only anger the large one

Reject3: *singing... poorly* allll foooorr loooveee.. baaabyyee

Reject1: damn you! I told you! we didn't make the band! you can stop singing that idiotic song now!

Reject3: oh yeah... okay...

So our five heros are led an underground lair where they are "thrust" (hehe) into an dark room where a spot light hits a REALLY large chair... suddenly some strange music begins to play.. it sounds like the late rapper B.I.G's song "big poppa"

Song: I loves it when they call me BIG POPPA.....*cut*

Strange Voice: Now enters your majesty.. LJP...


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