As some of you may know, Amanda is a huge WWF fan.. so why not open up our own little arena here? Another fine Ghetto Bitch Production. yeah, I know what you are thinking.. "you guys just riped off Celebrity Deathmatch".. yeah well you are right.. we did. But this is gonna be cooler ya know why?

So here's what you do..

Email us at and tell us

1) who ya wanna see fight

2) who should be the referee.. special guest whatever (or just say "regular ref".. which mean either Amanda or Alex)

3) what weapons should be used

4) what kind of match it should be

Examples Include: table match (first one to put their opponent through a table wins) evening gown match (first one to rip their opponents clothes off wins) strap match (opponents are strapped together) ladder match (first one to climb the ladder and retrieve whatever is hanging from the rafters wins) I quit match (first one to make their opponent say 'I quit' wins)

So think about it, email us and prepare for the carnage that will follow on: Ghetto Bitch Smackdown!

Match One: MMC vs. NSY