Welcome to the 'Hold da Pickle' Grand Opening Pre-Show with your hosts...

Lynn Harli$$ and Momma Bass!

Lynn: Welcome to the 'Hold da Pickle' Grand Opening Pre-show extravaganza!

Momma Bass: We have tons of neat stuff for you kids tonite! And what a beautiful Mississippi night to hold the Grand Opening on!

Lynn: On OUR pre-show you will see some special behind the scenes footage on the making of this fabulous site, interviews with some of tonites guests, the editors and we'll check in with our reporters all across the state for their inside scoop!

Momma Bass: And we're live, here on the Baby Blue Carpet to bring you EVERYTHING you want to know about tonites BIG show!

Lynn: Now, lets move to the good stuff!

Momma Bass: So we'll send it off to our very special correspondant.. Mr. Bubble!

Mr. Bubble: Hi, Mr. Bubble here. Wasn't it nice of the girls to give a bum like me a job? Well I'll be here all night interviewing the stars as they arrive... back to you Lynn

Lynn: Thanks Mr. Bubble.. Well it seems we have our first guest..

Limo approaches as a whole carpload of little girls in the stands squeal.. and then suddenly it falls sadly silent..


Lynn: oh, its you

Momma Bass: I'm sorry, do you 6 have invitations?

Lynn: I don't think the HDP staff wants you here...

Lou: Read em' and weep ladies..me and the O-town boyz are in da house! *handing lynn a paper*

Lynn: "1$ off any pizza from the 'fro sto' outside the arena".. Lou this isn't a invite, this is a coupon for the snack bar set up out here

Lou: What? Amanda sent this to Transcon PERSONALLY.. read the back.. its in her hand writing.

Momma Bass: Well boys lets see your invites..

Ikika: here you go ma'am

Momma Bass: "Dear Hawaiian lover, although we think you are sweet, we don't want to listen to you whine about your girl in our party. sorry.. no go".. Looks like you aren't getting in

Jacob: Check mine out!

Lynn: "Don't playa hate, participate... you played ikika like yo' beatch boy.. now we bes playin' you.." Sorry kid..

Erik-Micheal: I have one!

Trevor: Ours are the same.. we got one for both of us

Lynn: "you too are ugly"... I don't think you're in

Ashley Parker Angel: Excuse me Ma'am.. will you check mine? I really want to meet the Hold da Pickle ladies...

Momma Bass: "you are a beefcake.. c'mon in, I'll have Lonnie find ya and we'll *chill* love, Amanda"

Lynn: you're in.. the other 5 of you, get the hell out.. DRE!

Dre: yes'm?

Lynn: send lou away please..

Another limo pulls up just as Dre can be seen leading Lou to his car and throwing him in and yelling some profanity

Momma Bass: Oh my! Look who it is! Its Dawson and Pacey..

Dawson: um.. My name is James Van Der Beek...

Lynn: Well it says here on our cue cards that we are only allowed to call you 'Dawson'.. so Dawson, tell us about your upcoming film.. "Texas Rangers"

Dawson: Well its about...

Lynn: Thats so nice.. How bout' you Pacey.. are you excited about tonite? We hear you'll be introducing one of the acts.

Pacey: yes, I will be.. they haven't told me which one yet, but I'm VERY excited to meet the Hold Da Pickle girls.. I'm a big fan of Amanda..

Momma Bass: I see.. well we need to be off to our other correspondants, Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre!

Snoop: what up g?

Dre: what up my [censored beep] pours a 40' on the sidewalk heres one for our [censored beep] Amanda and Alex..

Snoop: well hell y'alls.. [censored beep]

Dre: yeah [censored beep]

Snoop: back to y'all skanky [censored beep]

Momma Bass: oh my..

Lynn: Someone needs to call security.. I believe that they said they were going to [censored beep] on my baby's benz!

Momma Bass: well.. that was odd, we've just gotten word that Amanda and Alex will be arriving shortly, with dates.....

Lynn: ooohh.. while we ALL try and figure that out, lets go over to our two very cute correspondants with 2 very cute boys.. take it away!

Mis' and 'Sippi.. my cats with Paul Walker and Carson Daly

Carson: hey, we're here hangin' out with Amanda's cats waiting for her arrival

Paul: We've been anxiously waiting all day to see who the ladies are going to show up with. There has been much speculation over the past week and who their dates will be. Some internet reports say that Amanda will be accompanied by Freddie Prinze Jr., While Alex will show up with Brian of the BSB

Carson: but don't count out the Entertainment Tonite reports that had Amanda spotted jetting around town with Justin Timberlake and Alex with JC Chasez..

Paul: Who knows whats going to happen.. we'll have to jsut wait and find out. Back to you Lynn and Momma Bass.

Lynn: Thanks Paul and Carson

Momma Bass: two little kitties named Mis' and 'Sippi, how precious...

Lynn: Oh I think I see it.. It is.. Its the Hold Da Pickles benz

Lynn: Oh look.. there they are..

The Teenies in the stands go CRAZY as Amanda and Alex step out of the benz, and everyone waits in quiet wonder to see who there dates are going to be. But they only see Amanda and Alex!

Lynn: Amanda.. Alex.. where are your dates?

Amanda: oh Lynn, its so predictable to get out with our dates.. you will all get to see them throughout the night during the show!

Lynn: will you give us a hint as to who your dates are?

Alex: um.. no.

Momma Bass: Well you girls have a long night ahead of you.. hurry in, and We'll sign off here from the Pre-Show.. hope you had a good time.. and we'll see you inside!

Pre show ends showing Lynn and Momma Bass hurrying inside and Lou still trying to get in the door...


Move on to the Big SHOW!