Post Show!

Hosted by: Steve and Joey!

Jojo: hey! Welcome to the post show!

Steve: lotsa great stuff here happened tonite and we're gonna wrap everything up

Jojo: this is gonna be short right because Amanda promised me some cake so..

Steve: Let's start with that 'performance'.. wasn't that funny seeing all those ditsy girls getting knocked out?

Jojo: yeah that was pretty damn cool

Steve: and what about Amanda and Alex? They had alot of dates!

Jojo: yeah, we were Amanda's dates at one part

Steve: yeah that was cool..

Jojo: well now lets check in with Lance who is in the limo with Amanda and Alex right now! Lance?

Lance: Hi guys.. while y'all are back there we are pulling up through traffic right now coming to get you.. Amanda how did you like the show?

Amanda: I thought it went really well! What did you think Alex?

Alex: I thought it was dope to the max.. I loved seeing Brit get knocked down by all those Justin fans

Lance: My favorite part was when eminem punched justin

Amanda: Lance!

Lance: Well Joey.. back to you..we'll be there to pick you guys up in a minute!

Jojo: Thanks Lance.. Now let's go to Steve who has gotten a word with eminem.. steve?

Stever: hi. I'm here with Eminem.. now Em, why did you punch Justin Timberlake?

Eminem: b'cuz i'm sick of that punk azz lil' b*tch bein' all up on da MTV everyday.. plus I gots word that he'd been talkin' smack, so I did what I's gots to do to squash tha beef yaknowwhatimsayin?

Steve: It seems you and Justin would get along.. you are both blonde.. both from similar towns, both have crack whore mothers, you both think you are black..

Eminem: what did you just say to me b*tch?

*Limo pulls up*

Eminem: oh you gonna get it now punk!

Amanda: *sticking head out limo* RUN STEVE!!

Steve begins to run to the limo with Em chasing him.. he gets in the door and Em pounds on the glass shouting some stuff we'd just have to censor anyway.

You didn't get a ticket to the after party huh? Don't worry.. We got ahold of a review written by a teeny bopper about how the night went..