Updated: October 25th 2000

Country Music kicks ass. LOL. Doesn't Lance like Shania Twain? I don't know. I'm listening to that. I don't know why. Its pretty tight. Okay, I have just a *tiny* "bitch 'n' moan" note... recently, we have barely updated and our numbers have been showing it So I'd like to right now, completly apoligize for my being a ghetto webbitch. LOL. So, In your honor there WILL be tons of updates. And you're thinking "fuck you! you say that every time!" But this time I WILL COME THROUGH!! I sware. Otherwise, I'll set my Lance in my pocket on fire and make a page about it. LOL. Let the motha burn right Ju?

Quotes of the Week

"7.50? You spent THAT much on THAT!?! You're a dumbass" - My "Husband" (we've been married and divorced like 10 times in the past week)

Picture of da week:

AHHH!!!! LOL. Lance, thats a scary Halloween costume. Oh thats your FACE? oops...

Song of da Week:

Candy by Mandy Moore

You might want to read this first...

the humor basics

NEW STUFF!!! There is some. Really.


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I like Digital Getdown. I like 32 Degrees too.