Not my boys!

Okay a hella long time ago I was in one of my boredom spells and decided to talk to some chicks claiming to be "Mrs. *insert nsyncer here*"... most were boring and gay but this was so funny.. she finally started to loosen up and be funny, check this out. Note: this is ALL real and the chicks SN has been changed to protect the retarded. My comments are in pink

Amanda: so whats it like being married to jc from nsync? thats how I started it.. hehe
JCsChick: its
Amanda: did you know he has other wives?
JCsChick: lol...yeah...he's a morman
hahaha, that was kinda funny
Amanda: your husband is cheating on you with like 20 other girls on aol
JCsChick: lol...that's ok
Amanda: so do you have kids together?
JCsChick: lol....
Amanda: how come you're laughing? do you?
Amanda: i guess you don't
JCsChick: i dont mean it
booya! I got them to admit it!
Amanda: do you tour with him... that must be hard... never seeing your husband and all
JCsChick: how old are you?
Amanda: 16 how old are you?
um, little stretch
JCsChick: 18
um huh.. sure chicky
Amanda: really? wow you married young!
JCsChick: lol
Amanda: so do you hang out with the other guys much?
JCsChick: oh yeah
Amanda: really? thats nice... are they cool?
JCsChick: very
Amanda: really? oh thats good... that must be kinda crappy... there is no privacy on the bus huh?
Amanda: yaknowwhatimsayin....
little comment #1 hehe
JCsChick: lol...yeah
Amanda: what do the other guys think of jc being married?
JCsChick: they dont care....joey is married too
Amanda: really? wow never knew!
Amanda: "what does JC wear when he goes to bed??" sorry my friend wants to know....
actually I want to know
JCsChick: his boxers
Amanda: sorry... i'm talking to her
I changed the story a couple of times.. oops
JCsChick: cool
Amanda: so does he really do crack?
Amanda: sorry.... thats what i've heard... just checkin'
JCsChick: ok
Amanda: does he?
JCsChick: i lost the im...does he what?
you mean you closed the window becuase you hated me? oh i see how it is
Amanda: do crack?
JCsChick: no
Amanda: so is lance nice in person? he seems sweet?
JCsChick: yeah....
Amanda: so is justin really doing britney spears?
JCsChick: nope
Amanda: oh thats good to hear
Amanda: so do you have any insider info i should know about?
JCsChick: not really
Amanda: have you had sex with him yet?
Amanda: sorry.... that was my bitch ass friend.... shes stealing my keyboard!
and now shes at my house? confusing? kinda... i'll explain lata
JCsChick: oh yes
JCsChick: lol
Amanda: so is he good?
JCsChick: very
Amanda: god dammit! sorry........ i'm trying to tell her to shut up!
okay, heres the real story... I wanted to ask bad ass questions, so I pretended that a friend of mine was there, later you'll learn about her
JCsChick: lol
Amanda: do the other guys always have chicks like scattered all around the bus?
JCsChick: not really
Amanda: have you ever like .. uh you know with any of the other guys?
JCsChick: um....
Amanda: see i;m so much less blunt than she is.... hehe its not my strong talent
JCsChick: lol
Amanda: well shes jumping all around like a dumb ass so you have to answer
JCsChick: lol....
Amanda: oh... who! and what! hehe
JCsChick: dont you think thats kinda personal?
Amanda: you told me what your husband wears to bed and that stuf... come on... okay just who
JCsChick: ill tell you who....
JCsChick: Lance
oh no you did NOT you did my man and alex's man? excuse me? no!
Amanda: okay... hehe
Amanda: how's lance?
JCsChick: he's good
i meant in that sack babe, no in general
Amanda: omg.... how bout you just talk to her cuz shes being a bitch and stealing the keyboard... here she is
JCsChick: ok
Amanda: hi there! my name is janet!
so bottom line: there is no janet, I made her up... it was still me
Amanda: sup
JCsChick: hi
Amanda: hey... so about u and lance
JCsChick: ok....
Amanda: so how did that happen?
JCsChick: um....
JCsChick: well...dont you think thats kinda personal?
Amanda: okay okay... were you drunk or what?
JCsChick: no
Amanda: omg you were sober!
JCsChick: yeah...
Amanda: was it before you were married to jc?
JCsChick: no
Amanda: omg does he know?
JCsChick: yeah....he watched
Amanda: are you shitting me?
JCsChick: yeah...
JCsChick: he doesnt know
Amanda: dayum girl you have THE best life
JCsChick: thanks...
Amanda: why lance?
Amanda: why not justin....
JCsChick: coz he's hot
JCsChick: coz justin is ugly
JCsChick: and we dont really get along...i would have rather done joey...but that was a bust
JCsChick: but i have done a fatone
Amanda: Re-ally....
JCsChick: yeah
Amanda: you have to tell me more now....
JCsChick: you know who steve is?
Amanda: yes.....
JCsChick: thats the fatone i did
JCsChick: i did him, before i was married to jc though
Amanda: does he know?
JCsChick: yeah
Amanda: he doesn't care
JCsChick: well, it was before we went out
Amanda: ohh.. but hes on the bus too... don't you ever think... like dayum theres steve... i could do him again?
JCsChick: no
Amanda: so... i know about lance and steve and how you wanted joey... what about chris
JCsChick: chris is like a brother to me
JCsChick: im really good friends with his fiance
Amanda: oh... dayum!
JCsChick: lol
Amanda: so how come you and juju don't get along
JCsChick: conflict in interest
Amanda: oh.. or is he just a royal ass!
Amanda: he seems like it... i'd still bang the boy though
true dat
JCsChick: no he's cool...but he know's what happened between jc and i
JCsChick: i mean lance
uh oh, stick to tha story chicklet
Amanda: ohh.. why does he care?
Amanda: i know too.. tehehe
JCsChick: coz jc is his good friend and something like this could break the group up
Amanda: oh.. yeah i see... thats too bad
JCsChick: yeah
Amanda: that seems weird... who knew jc was so kinky... watching his woman and his bud!
JCsChick: lol
JCsChick: i was kidding about that

Amanda: oh damn
Amanda: but he knows
JCsChick: no
Amanda: ohh... dayum!
JCsChick: yup
Amanda: so juju knows... duh lance knows but your hubby don't!
JCsChick: yup
Amanda: hehe... wow sounds melrose
JCsChick: lol
Amanda: does lance "always" sound like that? all deep and crap?
JCsChick: yes
Amanda: ahahaha how much money i would pay to hear that!
JCsChick: i get to hear it for free

JCsChick: meanwhile they are all in hawaii and im here
Amanda: ohh... so sad... talking to me... but i'm cool... amanda is a dork
Amanda: oww.... god! what a bitch she just hit me!
JCsChick: lol
Amanda: those bunks are the best place for nsync lovin though huh?
Amanda: amanda thinks i'm hella nasty... oh well
JCsChick: not really....there really isnt enough room
Amanda: see. damn i knew it
JCsChick: um...ok
Amanda: sorry.... amanda and me are arguing! am i nasty? or am i just asking you normal questions?
JCsChick: you're asking normal questions
Amanda: thank you.....
JCsChick: no prob
Amanda: was the lance deal once or like a frequent thing?
JCsChick: once
Amanda: how long ago?
JCsChick: 2 months ago
Amanda: does he ever try to get wit you more?
JCsChick: no
Amanda: oh thats good.... would justin tell jc?
JCsChick: no, i dont think soi
JCsChick: so*
Amanda: that would suck if you got knocked up and it was lances! ahaha it would come out blonde and saying shit about mississippi
Amanda: hehe.... sorry
JCsChick: lol
Amanda: okay... this is kinda bad even for me.....
JCsChick: y?
Amanda: is lance or jc... ya know... bigger....
JCsChick: lol...jc is much bigger
Amanda: and better right?
JCsChick: yes
Amanda: lance wasn't a virgin was he?
JCsChick: no...he lost it to his prom date
JCsChick: and he did it dozens of times with danielle
Amanda: oh dayum.... the boy meets world chick
Amanda: ?
JCsChick: yup
JCsChick: on the bus
Amanda: ew...
JCsChick: lol
Amanda: so does joey's wife hang there too?
JCsChick: yeah...she's my best friend
Amanda: were u guys buds first or after she and joey hooked up
JCsChick: first
JCsChick: we went to school together
Amanda: oh thats cool... did you get with jc first or her with joey?
JCsChick: me with jc
Amanda: oh.. how cute!
Amanda: i gots to go... but i have to ask one quick question....
JCsChick: ok
Amanda: if you were already getting some jc booty why lance? i mean... hes cute and all but the mississippi thing must get old
JCsChick: he doesnt do it with us
JCsChick: and the whole lance thing is a very long story
Amanda: well i have 5 minutes and a curious imagination.......
JCsChick: lol
JCsChick: its gonna take longer than that
JCsChick: lets just put it this way, it started when they were in germany
JCsChick: well, im out...i have to clear the phone lines for jc's phone call
JCsChick: bye