Why Chris Shouldn't sing

- it hurts our ears when our headphones are on

- it attracts strange neighborhood animals to our home when played on stereo

- it scares children, and me

- it sounds like a guy that just got kicked in the nads singing

- its just really freakin' annoying

- its not half as good as JOEY'S.. and thats sad

- it makes us actually wanna listen to Joey sing.. and thats sad too

- it makes Britney Spears' whiny little voice sound good

- it makes Nick Carter's voice sound good

- it sounds like mickey mouse scratching a chalk board and singing "sometimes" by Britney

- it makes me angry

- it wilts in comparison to the greatness of JC or Justin

- Because Lance can sing better than him

- Because he sounded a little bit too much like Micheal Jackson during the tour last year... yeah a pre-pubecent Micheal

- Because he could sing "MMMBOP" By Hanson on key.. and they can't (puberty is a bitch)

- Because it just plain SUCKS!

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