My New Opinion

Well after watching Making the Video a couple hundred times... I've come to a conclusion. Every Nsync member rocks hella hard.

I've always been an Justin and JC fan.. since the MMC days actually (i love wipeout.. hehe thats a whole different page though) and I've recently become a die hard Lance Fan. But now I've changed my ways.

Why Chris Rules:

Since he chopped the nappy hair.. he's actually kinda... cute. Not hot, or fine and definatly not FOINE but cute.

He's so funny! I bet if I met nsync him and I would get along wit chris the best because we'd be making fun of the other guys so much.. he just seems like he and I kinda have the same dorky sense of humor

He doesn't take himself so seriously.. *cough* JC *cough* (side note: JC was actually quite un-JC on making the video so i'm like booya!) He made fun of the infamous crotch shot, i love it when justin is talking and he's like "bye..... *justin* bye.... *justin*... bye" hehe.

He called Joey stupid. At the end he's like "thats stupid!" hehe go chris *all you joey lovers keep reading because i actually start to like joey here pretty soon*

When he's like "did you see how fine that girl was? *yes* why we runnin?" hehe reason why this rules? its just ghetto enough to sound well... ghetto without sounding like he wants to be in Next Friday *cough* justin *cough* p.s. have you guys seen the commmercial for Next Friday when the old asian lady goes "pourin one for my dead homey's" or whatever she says? I love that...

I like joey?... yeah, yeah, keep on the down low though!

Okay, I know hes a skeez bag.... and he is a big retard, but he is actually kinda hot. Okay, I know thats really gross and all, but I dunno.. I'm all lookin at Joey in this new way now... I'm like "omg, hes kinda fine".... sorry.. does anyone agree with me?

He's funny... he said THE funniest thing in this apperance I think maybe nsync will EVER say... they are talking about that model (or as I like to call her "jailbait hoe") and then justin is blabing on and on about glare or something and joey goes "HEEELLLOOOO!!!!" omg... pure comedy... If i ever meet joey, hell if I meet Steve, I'm gonna make him say "HEELLLOOOO" and then piss mah pants after I laugh SOOO dayum hard

He talks gay. He talks like a gay guy and goes "I have big hippss" and lisps.. hehe sorry but this was cute... yes I did say something joey did was cute

Overall: Joey and Chris don't suck.... Its now nothing so pathetic when me and Alex are saying something and we go "but does Joey have to be there" (youknowwhatimsayin alex.. we play this funny ass game.. anycrap) although Joey is still a pimp, and Chris is still old... they are cool/hot/cute while they are..


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