You're wish is our command. Our first match was suggested by:! Thanks so much..

Announcer of the Night: Amanda!

Amanda: Welcome to Smackdown.. tonight's main event features a 6 way mixed tag match spotlighting Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake and JC Shuzay (or the MMC team) VS. Lance Bass, Chris Kirkpatrick and Joey Fatone (or NSY) with special guest referee Eminem! Let's send it down to the ring..

[ Brit, Justy and JC enter the ring to some fabulous theme music that is a sampling of 'Baby one more time', 'Bring it all to me (i.e. Thug Appeal) and 'Can i get a..."]

Britney: YEAH! We're totally gonna kick their asses!

JC: Quiet down hoe.. you're only on our team becuase we needed an extra person

Justin: you best not bes talkin' to her like dat foo! She's mah biotch!

Britney: I love you Justin..

Justin: Shut up hoe

[Lance, Joey and Chris emerge from below the 'GhettoTron' to Jay Z's "Big Pimpin"]

Joey: Big Pimpin up in NYC! Where mah dogs at?

Lance: Shh.. Joey be quiet.. lets get to buisness... now y'all know I look WAY finer than Britney.. I look 'dope'

Chris: Lance.. no

[Crowd Stands and Screams when the 'GhettoTron' begins to blare 'The real Slim Shady' when Em appears riding a tractor and holding a ho above his head as two other skantily clad women carry pitchforks, shovels and a blueberry pick]

Amanda: Here he comes.. our special guest referee.. Eminem!

Eminem: k fools.. heres tha deal. I gots me some farming equiptment here and wes be gettin' it on riiight?

Amanda: oh my god.. they are gonna use those?

Eminem: start fighting punks! the match bes ova when one team has all members killed by head injuries!

Lance: NO mr. M&M's.. please not my pretty face! NO!!!

Eminem: *raises his hand like hes gonna backhand lance*

Lance: *running across ring to JC's arms* NOO!! He's gonna hit me

JC: *grabbing a ho* Shut the hell up *violently hits lance's adams apple with the ho*

Lance: NOO!! OWW!!

Lance tumbles out of the ring infront of the ring announcers booth where Amanda *accidently* dumps her Kool-Aid on his wounds. my bad.

Chris: dammit! I KNEW I didn't want that woman on my team.. c'mon Joey.. Joey?

Chris looks around for Joey and sees him up the ramp hitting on the farming tool girls..

Joey: Thats a mighty nice shovel you got there...

Chris: JOEY!

Joey: uh oh.. I gotta go work now.. I'll be back in a minute.

Joey, in the only smart thing he's ever done grabs a shovel from the farm tool girl BEFORE he gets to the ring. Joey jumps in the ring and screams "you ate my twinkies punk!" and clobbers Justin over the head with the shovel..

Britney: My baby! omg! NOOO!

Chris: you too hoe.. *smacks her with a ho of all things.. lol*

Amanda: Is that it? could it be over? oh my.. looks like the only opperational member of the mmc team is JC right now

Joey and Chris grab a pitchfork, and smack JC around with it..

JC: wait.. you guys.. remember? respect everyone? c'mon guys.. don't hurt me.. I'm frail...

Joey climbs to the top turnbuckle (oh gawd) and does a flying leap onto the bloody body of JC.. JC stands in agony and begins to reach for a shovel when Britney emerges from the side of the ring driving a tractor and running over and killing both Chris and Joey.

Britney: WHOOO!!!!!

But in her victory shimmy, she fails to relize that shes run over and killed JC and is heading straight for Justy

Britney: JUSTY NOO!!!!!

Justin stands up to see the headlights in his eyes, and a tractor being opperated by a blonde heading right for him..

Britney: holy crap! where is the brakes! omg! no! wait.. power..accelorator.. wait.. i think thats it..

So Britney steps down on the accelorator and begins to obviously go faster..

Britney: *crunch* uh oh..

Eminem: Ok, JC and Justin are dead by head injury, and so are Joey and Chris.. so that leaves.. Britney and that other little punk.. where'd he go..

Lance: *like xena* aiaiaiaiaiaiaia...

Eminem: holy shit...

Lance comes running full speed ahead at Brit and begins to scream at her


Britney: it was an accident I sware!

Lance: you killed my baby!

Lance begins to violently rip her hair extentions out and then grabs a pitchfork and thrusts (lol) it into her chest but is blinded by the strange fluid shooting out of her boobs

Britney: HA! I knew that 10 grand would come back to help me out.. you're mine now lancelett...

Britney gets back into the tractor and turns it on.. however being the idoit she is, she puts it in reverse..

Britney: GREAT! now what should I do.. omg... the jTr necklace... omg.. Justy!

Brit jumps out the back of the tractor and grabs the ice and falls to her knees (not a uncommon place for brit to be) and begins to scream "JUSTY NOOO!!!" but just then, the tractor keeps going backwards and runs over the moron grinding her into the ring mat...

Eminem: The winner is.. the girly blonde kid over there!

Lance stands up in victory and begins to scream "I'm Number ONE!" when Amanda gets up and hits him with a steel chair..

Amanda: sorry, I was sick of his crap.