A marriage made in heaven

Mrs. Joshua Scott Chasez

- your babies would be cute, and extremly talented

- you would never be embarrased at the church Karoke night

- you'd have fabulous in-laws

- you'd get to wake up to that foine boy everyday

- your kids would love "daddy career day"

- your son would know how to dance, play basketball, and if you're lucky sing as well as daddy

- your daughter would win every "my daddy is cooler than yours" argument, she'd love the "father/daughter girl scout dance", and she'd always love to hang out with "uncle justy"... hell so would you

- you'd never have to worry about finding a baby sitter (who wouldn't wanna babysit JC's kids? I sure the hell would)

Mrs. Justin Randall Timberlake

- you'd never be un-satified ifyaknowwhatimsayin.. hehe

- you'd have goregous babies

- you'd never run out of bleach for the laundry

- you'd always know where your man was in crowd (look for tha fro)

- you'd learn ebonics, right quick yo

- your son would never have to worry about a date (look at justin.. does he worry about having a date?)

- your daughter would undoubtedly be the most popular chick around (if only your friends dad was Justin Timberlake, I bet you'd hang out with them ALOT more)

- you're in-laws would be okay..well at least one set would be

Mrs. James Lance Bass

- you'd have a phat country crib

- your in-laws would be nice

- you'd eventually pick up a phat southern accent

- Mississippi is a good state

- your kids would never lose the church horse back riding contests

- toby is a cute name I guess

- your kids might not get that weird eye thing...

Mrs. Joesph Anthony Fatone

- you'd never have to tell the kids "clean your plate"

- you might get a phat brooklyn accent

- your in-laws would be funny as hell

- your kids could learn the wonders of cinematography thanks to "uncle stever"

- your kids would be italian... thats kinda cool.. spaghetti is cool...

Mrs. Christopher Allen Kirkpatrick

- you'd never be in need of a laugh

- you'd have hella phat free clothes (fumanskeeto counts right?)

- you'd never be bored (he's CrAzY remember?)

- it could be worse, you could be married to Joey

- you're kids would be cool in my opinion

- you're daughter could take "uncle Justy" to the prom

- better yet, Uncle Justy would be around quite a bit

- you'd have a really cool and humble mother in law

- your man WOULDN'T have dreads..and that is a vast improvment

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