Making the Band

Lou's new money makers..

I love me Making the Band. lol. It's such a funny show. It just shows EXACTLY the process that there is to be in a boy band. Well, I checked out their official site and I got some pics of each of the boys.. including the rejects and some short little bios.

As usual, ya can't get through anything without hearing my lil opinion so you get my comments in JC Blue

Erik Micheal Estrada


Name: Erik-Michael Estrada
Describe your personality: Crazy,
ooh the CrAzY one and a leader are the stronger, but being a listening you mean listener? oh ok is an essential part of a group's elevation.

Qualities you seek in a mate?
Intelligence, logical, fun, adventurous, willingness to change and try new things. An overwhelming eagerness to learn.
lol, everything except hot huh? how long has Lou had his mitts on ya Erik

Who are your heroes and why?
Jesus is my only hero.
lmao.. oh, lou strikes again

Amanda's Thoughts

Cuteness factor: hmm.. 6, he reminds me of my bud Evan

Personality factor: 5, he's stubborn but he's pretty funny

Boy Band Potential: 5, everything about him is material except the fact that ethnic-ness (lol) usually scares 'boppers.

Does he make it? Yep.. my theory is only because Paul quit

Bryan Chan

Name: Bryan R. Chan ooh.. a middle intial, lol
Describe your personality: A mix between the spontaneous jokester and the leader.
We've got a buncha generals, and no soldiers in this group.. lol I'm pretty anal gotta love a guy that uses the word 'anal' when it comes to organization, timelines and schedules Well thats why you DIDN'T make the band.. geez, these 5 are SLACKERS but I can't pass up a good practical joke.

What qualities do you seek in a mate?
I look for a girl who is focused and determined.

What do you do for fun?
I enjoy relaxing and reading when I have time off. I like to see friends but I'd rather find a coffee shop or restaurant and talk then go to a club to drink or meet people.
ooohh.. strike one, Lou likes if you say 'you like to go out and meet people' and you sound too much of a loner


Amanda's Thoughts

Cuteness factor: um. 0, sorry

Personality factor: 3, boring

Boy Band Potential: 3, no offense, but I've never seen an asian in a boyband

Does he make it? Nope

Ikaika Kahoano

Name:Ikaika Kahoano I hate this guy
What musical instruments do you play? Guitar, Bass and Drums then start a real band.. geez, what is this? 'the talented mr. iiiiikia'? lol

What do you consider your best personality traits?
Funny, serious, and spontaneous
funny? spontaneous? yeah.. ok

If you had three wishes, what would they be?
A cure for all diseases, that everyone had enough money to survive, and a time machine.
ok.. this guy is stupid


Amanda's Thoughts

Cuteness factor: 1.. thats being generous

Personality factor: 0, BORING and a big ole' whiner

Boy Band Potential: 0, he hates photo shoots, screaming girls.. basically everything involoved in a boyband

Does he make it? Sadly yes.. BUT he quit! More on that at "Iiiiikaia SUCKS!"

Ashley Parkey Angel

(note: I LOVE HIM!)

Name: Ashley Parker Angel Isn't that just the best boyband name you've ever heard in your life? I just wanna write it out "Mrs. Amanda Angel" *does that sound cool? lol*
Describe your personality: In a group, I am definitely always the "funny" one, although I also am a "leader" by nature. I have been a ham since I first started making my family laugh at a very young age. I love the limelight
And I love him

Qualities you seek in a mate? Honesty, sense of humor, kindness, people who have positive outlooks, SENSE OF HUMOR, outgoing
Shelly *his g/f* is a bitch. I want to hurt her. I want him all to myself.. lol

Who are your heroes and why? My hero would be my mom. In the face of a lot of adversity and troubles she has pulled through and been strong. She is an extremely successful person.


Amanda's Thoughts

Cuteness factor: 10, he is a big ole' pot of yum, and one episode, they showed him in the shower and he was hot and sweaty and wet and soapy and was rubbing his pecs up and down... oh gawd.. it was a beautiful thing

Personality factor: 10, he's really.. real. and funny and just awesome

Boy Band Potential: 10, he SCREAMS bop magazine. lol

Does he make it? Yep

Jacob Underwood

Name:Jacob Underwood

Describe your personality: I've always been known as a leader he's the more moody JC and usually the comic relief. I like to be the life of any party.

Qualities you seek in a mate? A fun-loving girl with a strong personality. Beautiful of course, the first one to mention looks so far.. thanks for your honesty but most importantly she has good morals and loves Jesus Christ. but then ya go and screw it up

Who are your heroes and why?
My Grandfather is definitely a hero in my life.
CUTE! He has been able to financially support me in every activity (voice lessons, dance lessons, my first car). yeah there family is LOADED like LOADED... they have a 'compound'.. it has a pool and everything He has been like a father to me and without him I would not be who I am today.

Amanda's Thoughts

Cuteness factor: 7, he's not too bad on the eyes.. lol

Personality factor: 7, he's pretty cool. kinda a prick sometimes though

Boy Band Potential: 9, he'll make it

Does he make it? Yep

Mike Miller

Name: Mike Miller
Describe your personality:
I'm a leader, a crazy and funny person. I get crazy after 8pm.
ooh another CrAzY one! lol

Do you like traveling?
I love to travel, I'm a sponge,
uhhh.. ok I enjoy experiencing other cultures. I've had no bad trips. My favorite was when my family went to South Africa for New Years. I would like to see more of Asia, I've been to Bali "how were the caves?"..."they were sweet" lol sorry and Tokyo but not for long enough.

What do you do for fun?
I go clubbing, play beach volleyball and basketball.

Do you have any habits we should know about?
I talk a lot.
me too

Amanda's Thoughts

Cuteness factor: 5, he's pretty cute

Personality factor: 8, he's really cool. He'd be awesome if he was in the band

Boy Band Potential: 5, again ethnic-ness scares teenyboppers

Does he make it? Nope.. :(

Paul Martin


Name: Robert "Paul" Martin like James "Lance" Bass? lol
Type of music do you sing the most: Pop shock me, shock me, shock me...

Describe your personality: Crazy/leader. I like to get things done. no you don't I am an initiator, but I am not afraid to let others lead when I can't.

What qualities do you seek in a mate?
Intelligent, not too intelligent that I can't understand her, but about equal to me.
lol, that means "not a ditz, but not smarter than me becuase I am THE MAN!"Of course I would like her to be beautiful and not taller than me. picky much? well he is honest Has to smile a lot. Has to be able to laugh at herself and me when we mess up.

Describe a quality/trait that runs in your family:
We are all very open about everything. We say what we think and give our opinions when asked and sometimes when we aren't.
lol, he would make for interesting interviews

Amanda's Thoughts

Cuteness factor: 9, his picture doesn't do him justice

Personality factor: 8, he was the pimp.. but i liked him

Boy Band Potential: 9, however they showed his playa ways on TV so.. who knows

Does he make it? Nope.. he quit a bit before the announcement.. I sware he would've made it though

Trevor Pennick

Name: Trevor Penick
Describe your personality:
I am definitely a leader. I love to get things started. I am an attention-getter. I'm spontaneous, crazy, and I love the spotlight.
lol, he's right.. he does. he's not annoying about it though

Qualities you seek in a mate? I just relized they keep saying 'mate'.. why not girl? is one of these guys gay or something?
Good sense of humor, outgoing, likes to dance, can't get embarrassed easily. Spontaneity. Good family person. Honest, trustworthy, be my best friend, caring, and responsible He's in love with his best friend, but she doesn't like him back.. its so sad

Who are your heroes and why?
My first hero would have to be my father oh cute because of all the sacrifices I've seen him make for our family and how much of a person he has made me because of those sacrifices. My other hero is Will Smith WTF? omg, I laughed SOO hard when i read this because of the person he is, he's been so successful and he has never changed. He's a great husband and father and is respected by everyone.


LOL, so the band is Ashley, Jacob, Trevor, Erik and Iiiiikia, but not for long.. lol. Check out: "Iiiiikaia SUCKS!" for more on that


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