Making the Video 2: *New* footage!

Well, while tuning in to see Hanson on making the video (sorry, I'm a traitor, I know) I saw a ad for nsync on Making the Video "with never before seen footage"... expecting some awesome stuff, I found myself missing WWF Raw Is War for like, the 2nd time in a row to see this *new* stuff.

Lemme tell ya guys, MTV may scam us... yes, I thought this was gonna be a set up, but even though 98% (hehe 98 degrees) was the same.. that minor 2% was SO worth it...

Some Highlights include:

Justin's intro: he's playing the piano saying all seductivly and such "welcome to the lounge.. we've got some cats here tonite who will impress you... undress... uh.. nevermind"

He also does this thing where he starts moving his pecs at opposite times.. weird, yes.. then tries to explain "see... I... umm...I'M A DORK" and walks off camera... hehe... I love Juju

Chris' intro: some random chicklet is making christo flop himself all over this wall in an alley... its pretty retarded and pointless until chris walks in a goes "I think I just pulled something in my ass"... hahaha

Lance: you know when Juju is trying to be funny and is talking about the model and is like "shes gonna be chasin' us... and we..I might let myself get caught"... that little genius lance goes, really sarcastic and cute "too bad shes 16" hehehe! you go boy!


JC: I love him!!! You know when he's like "day one.." and it seems like he was saying something else... well he really says "day one.. done.. wow mah groin hurts *giggle*" OMG! he's awesome.. then he's explaining the rigging on the puppet scene and he's like "see this rig? *pulling his shirt up.. yeah baby* this goes where you don't wanna know..." in his fake accent from I don't know where its supposed to be from, but hes awesome.. okay ah'm done now.

Joey: as if "HEEELLOOO" wasn't enough, joey has leather pants on.. and goes "I have big hipss" in his gay voice... then some black lady slaps his booty! booya joey... booya

Okay well personally I liked this version better... it was funnier... there was still some retarded stuff they could've gotten rid of but.. ya know... peace y'all

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