Making the Video

okay... i'm just gonna tell you right now.. I Loved this too... seriously it kicked some bootae.. hehe

Joey seemed way too happy in those leather pants dude.. plus joey you aren't tempting us by showing us your bum.. because frankly no one cares.

Chris is so funny! OMG.. "are they gonna do the crotch shot?"... "OH GOD" its so funny

JC: you know you like the "bondage scary thing here" hehe

Justin wears size 11 shoes? god dayum! I don't know if the whole 4th grade theory about shoe/package size is true.. but I hear from a extremly reliable male source (who happens to be extremly FOINE) that sometimes thats smaller than it is.. like a 11 doesn't necessarily mean it is 5 1/2.... like it could be way bigger... and i just typed a whole paragraph about justins package... i'm such a teeny bopper sometimes i swear!

*NOTE* I feel you juju... during spirit week I was wearing mah homey's bowling shoe that she jacked from the bowling alley at Kari's b-day party and it was a size 8... I usually wear a size 10 or 11 and mah foot was KILLING me! holy crap.. all day I was walking around going "this is what happens= a size 11 in a size 8 shoe" hehe.

I swear I'm going to see those pictures that they took of Lance in BOP here pretty soon... dayum i'd buy them... the boy was wearing WHITE, TIGHT, either spandex/leather like material.. My dream come true... hehe

I LOVE WHEN JC SAYS "turn around" ahaha that boy kicks ass this whole show.. very yummy..grrrr JC baby.. grrr

I love lance... he looks so yummy this WHOLE show.. I love how they giggle like first graders when Wayne Isham says.. *gasp* the S-word..

When they walk into the place with room and lance says "we're not gonna be able to dance!" he sounds kick ass... and scary if you just listen to it.. and not watch his face. Plus sorry to say it, but you can't dance anyway lance... soory baby

*THE BEST PART OF THE WHOLE SHOW* when justin says "this is the girl in the video *insert ramblings about glare here*" and then joey looks up and goes "HEELLOOOO!!!!" holy shit people... this is THE coolest and funniest thing ever... I love it so much. I rewind it almost as much as I listen to the "cracker" thing from the Movie Awards... ahaha I love it! but you know who it reminds me of? Ben Savage from boy meets world.. aka Topanga's bitch boy... yeah it sounds like him! (update: I have that instead of "welcome" on AOL now.. go me)

*SECOND BEST PART* well almost... the "turn around" thing is better but this rocks hella hard. When JC goes "see this face? Its a LIIIIEE.. she gonna be BADD girl.. she gonna have DAAWWGS... and RECKIN' CAARS.." I LOVE IT! holy crap me and alex have listened to these 3 things a million times we love them that much! "reckin caars!" I love it!

Was anyone else kinda confused about what the hell the room was for? besides having the guys make asses out of themselves??

When Lance is on Joey's shoulders and he lets go of the bar he grabs his neck.. yeah good lance.. you'll keep your balence AND break FATone's neck.. smooth lance, smooth

Well another extremely phat thing is when chris goes "did you see how foine that girl is?" *yeah* "why we runnin?" ahaha chris baybe.. I'm digging you more and more every day seriously

Why did lance say "wow.. we almost died" you fag you couldn't have been hurt. There is like barely a chance in hell you could've been injured. FATone maybe, just becuase hes a dumbass, but come on poofoo... it was a car, on a platform and you were hanging on a bar attached to the platform. how was that dangerous?

"Lance broke the car, keep it on the down low" I LOVE THAT! hehe JC is SOO hot.. sorry, I'm not stealing your man Alex.. but holy crap he's cute!

Some people hate it... I personally LOVE it.. the justin look up and smirk thingymabobber.... it reminds me of a certain person whom shall remain nameless.... mah man at school... no comment

anyhoo... when Justin goes "I can't run like a DORK.. *flail flail flail* I love that... he says dork way cute... I sound like a teeny huh? oh well its all good


the beginning is a little gay wad.. its all good..

Joey and Chris' scenes are tight... that chick looks weird when shes running or whatever

I love all the little dancing but I would've like to see less rolling around in the room and more of the choreography because Darrin Henson *i think I spelled that wrong* did such an amazing job.. I dig MOST of the dance moves

Justin's smirk makes me giggle.... hehe

I love it when JC stops... *blow blow* and then lance like knods.. hehe i love it

BYE, BYE, BYE= **** it was a great video but IDMC is still my favorite.. or merry christmas happy holidays... because this one could've added a midget for effect... hehe j/k


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