Why we love Lance

he is a stud.. hehe

=- the 'religious, innocent, really sweet' vibe he gives off.

=- his quiet hotness... he's not all like "I'm lance of Nsync, aren't I hot?" but he still is REALLY fine

=- his big cross necklace. I really like it

=- his big manly man shoulders, and his big manly man mississippi riding legs

=- the way he tries to dance.. and recongnizes he isn't the best dancer

=- even the way he thrusts.. its cute that he tries to be sesky, even though it doesn't work and it makes us wince..

=- his generally hot body

=- "girl were you alone?"

=- the way my little cousin started calling him "my mississippi lover" just cuz' I mentioned something about "mississippi lovin" to Alex and Ashley at the concert

=- He humped the stage too during digital getdown.. but I'm a chump and didn't see him.. Just wait till' July 27th babe.. they better show that (there is a concert special on HBO with Nsync from Madison Square Garden if you didn't know already)

=- the way he looks really good in lots of colors

=- his collorbone.. but in the disney special it looked girly.. but this is the 'love section' so you didn't hear that from me

=- his spiky "I just woke up" hair style

=- how sometimes you can hear him singing and its really cute.. like during "I love you James" from All Access last year

=- the way he goes "Next window please" on SNL.. that was cool

=- his accent "cracker", "flyin" , "sense" I love them all

=- his deep manly man voice

=- the way he is from Mississippi

=- the way he never lets you forget he's from Mississippi

=- two words: Mississippi Showstoppers.. ahaha.. I saw "Before they were rock stars".. oh yes I did

=- the way he loves his mom

=- the way he brought his Mom with him on "Who Wants to be a Millionaire"

=- his mom in general

=- how his eyes are kinda weird, but in a cute way


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