Is Lance really gay? I think not..

How can this fine face be gay? No Chance in Hell...

Now, I may be a *slightly* partial person to ask this too.. but I, Amanda are secure in saying that Lance Bass is not a homosexual.

The reasons are clear. Lou simply gave him the most feminine role of the group, in complete contrast to Joey's most 'manly man' role because Joey is gay.. read about that theory here

But really people, Lance is a Manly Man too! I am going to be completly unbiased as I go through some of his facts... an we know these are true.. because they are from bop.. hehe

The points in blue are from someone thinking lance is straight, while the ones in white are from the point of view of someone who thinks lance is fruity.

=- His favorite colors are Blue..

Now Blue is such a manly color!

=- ..and Red

But Red is a kinda girly color

=- On Rosie they showed a picture of Lance wearing 'Dukes of Hazzard' pajamas..

Dukes of Hazzard is a very manly show.. fast cars, skantily clad women, barbeque sauce.. the whole 'shabang'

Dukes of Hazzard also includes the two main characters, Bo and Luke Duke, one of which is blonde, pretty damn hot and has a real nice ass

=- Lance wanted to work for NASA if he wasn't in Nsync

What is more manly than an astronaught? Remember Armageddon? Did Ben Affleck look gay? Did that guy named 'Bear' look gay? Did Bruce Willis? I think not!

Wow.. what could be better than being locked in a small space with a bunch of manly men for months on end?

=- Lance likes to ride horses

Manly Men Cowboys ride horses.. and they save women, and are big ole' southern men! What is gay about a rodeo? NOTHING!

How many professional males ride and "do tricks".. Lance said "I wanted to do it professionally, but could never get the tricks and stuff right" It seems to me that the only ones who do tricks are WOMEN who barrel race or jump horses.

=- Lance kissed Beverly Mitchell on 7th Heaven

Men who like chicks, kiss them.. hes not gay

Acting kisses are just that. The Brady Bunch dad was gay and kissed the Brady mom for years..

=- Lance dated Topanga

Guys who are straight date girls.

Topanga is an ugly, troll, trick ass bitch who looks like a man

You're right

So what have we learned?

- Lance could go either way

- Topanga is an ugly little trick

I rest my case.


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