Lance = One Bad Motha..

Sure.. he LOOKS sweet, but we know better!

Again, by some off chance I stumbled upon some really funny shiznit. lol. This is featured in some kind of BOP! interview, or one of those 'scrapbooks', I'm not sure. Anyways, my commentary is in PINK

Lance -"No More Mr. Nice Guy!"

Question: You seem to be such a nice guy-- don't you ever get mad or throw tantrums?
Lol, we know the teenys reading this throw em' ALL the time
Answer: Tantrums, no.
sure.. Do I get mad? Yes. I stew for a while, and then take it out on a Beanie Baby.oh gawd I scream at it, "No more Mr. Nice Guy!" LMAO.. oh god, I'm gonna piss my pants.. omg, this is the funniest thing I've EVER heard in my life. Can't you just see lancelett? "NO MORE MR. NICE BASS!" oh, god... I almost sprayed Diet Coke all over my computer when I first read this. I guess I get most angry when a show is not running smoothly or our schedule for the day is just a mess because some things backfired.Or when you misss the clinque sale at Macy's.. or when your Mom tells you that Toby 45 has died

Question: What is the most vicious thing you have ever done while angry?
Answer: Peeled the cheese off an extra-cheese pizza and thrown it on the wall. (Laughs)
OMG! This guy is such a freak of nature! oooh, 'vicious' lance.. jesus, at least you coulda made up something cool like "I stole my mom's pick up, and ran it into a barn" or something, ANYTHING.. but no, Lance 'cheesed' a wall... he is such a homo

Question: Did it stick?
Answer: Only for a few seconds and then it fell on the floor. (Laughs)
You know Lance's gay little giggly laugh.. I can just picture him doing his stupid little laugh and being all proud of himself.. 'yeah, I cheesed a wall'.. freakin' idiot

And as if that wasn't enough, on 'Making the tour' he was talking about the costumes, and he goes.. "thats gonna be some dope"... ok wait a gosh darn second. Now either Lance is TRYING to be ghetto, but not doing it very well, or that was followed by 'shit'... and they cut it out. Yeah lance you are SOOO innocent.

So Now Move on if you please to read the rest of this interview, with more mean commentary from me

Lance Sucks.. in more ways than one


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