Hairy Situation... Justy's Hair.. Then and Now.

Well Justy is a hottie..this we know.. but his hair has become relativly sad lately. Alot his fans are jumping ship.. you see.. there is Justy lookin' hot.. and Justy lookin' like a Jackson 5 look-a-like contest reject... Take a trip back in time..

ahh.. the MMC days.. blonde, cute, comb over.. hehe


Just look at the hair.. its not quite bleach blonde.. but kinda

okay, cut, blonde is apparent..

k.. now its blonde and cut.. I call this the "1st album look"

Ahh.. we see where he gets it.. I love this picture becuase it looks his crack whore lynn is yelling at him and he's about to back hand her.. hehe

I think he looks just like Zack from Saved By the Bell here..I used to love that show so much


ew.. I call this one 'corn head'

I like this look.. the roots aren't too there.. but they are..first step to FRO though

the roots are really there.. the blonde it growing out

its cut.. but not blonde

little fro-ish..

Fro was in full effect.. it gets much worse.. I'm gonna look for mo' fro pics.. but then. as if the fro wasn't bad enough..

sad.. yes.. very sad.. Cornrows? Justin what in the hell are you thinking?

For mo' on tha fro' to row' situation go to

Justin is a foo'


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