Why We Love Justy

how can you not love that?

=- his little ebonics are actually pretty cute sometimes

=- his hot body.. his arms.. his pecs.. his azz.. his everything

=- his hair.. we deny it but there are cute things about every style.. even the fro

=- the fro is cute because when he dances the curls bouce and its cute

=- the way he dances all smooth and fine like.. I don't know what else to say about it

=- his thrusting. nuff said

=- how during digital getdown he humps the stage.. that was so phat

=- the way certain things he does make you go "awww" (like in IDMC that girl leaves him, then he looks all sad in the aslyum.. I know I'm not the only one who wanted to go 'console' him.. hehe)

=- the way he's marketed as being such a sweet, caring guy (I say marketed because it would be nieve of me to say 'he is' cuz I don't know him, so I can't really say if his nice or not)

=- did I say his hot body yet? oh I did? okay..

=- his voice.. its pretty damn cool.. I won't get all J-14 and say 'angelic' but yeah.. its phat

=- he's funny without trying to be

=- his accents that come out of nowhere.. "I'm creeeccy *crazy* like dat" on that Big Help show.. hella more too

=- his southern accent.. "Dukes of Hazzard paaajammaaz"

=- his 'justy-ness" meaning everything about him


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