Justin is a foo'

foo, foo, foo.. all day long

As If Justin would ever read this, but this is my little letter to justy

Dear Sexual Vanilla ~

Hey Babe, guess whos white? YOU! WHITE! W-H-I-T-E.. that means NOT BLACK.. guess who you aren't? YOU AREN'T Micheal Jordan, YOU AREN'T Jay Z, YOU AREN'T Kobe Bryant, YOU AREN'T Tyrese, hell YOU AREN'T even Gary Coleman..more than anything YOU AREN'T BLACK! WHITE GUYS DON'T HAVE CORNROWS! WHITE GUYS DON'T SPEAK EBONICS AND MORE THAN ANYTHING BLACK 'PIMPS' AS YOU ASPIRE TO BE ARE NOT IN BOY BANDS.



Okay, this just plain pisses me off! you know how much crap I'M taking over his braids? know how many times I've been asked "why does justin have braids?" LIKE I KNOW! I'm like "i'm not his mother.." people, are you getting asked this too? I sware, its like just because you like Nsync everyone needs to "update" you on them.. hey get a clue fools.. I KNOW! I've seen him.. I know he looks like a freak, yeah I know he thinks hes black, yes I agree, he is a fag.. the hottest guy in the whole world put it this way once.

"Oh you mean Justin? Justin Faggerlake? Justin Timberqueer? oh yeah.." so what if it less than creative.. its true. big ups to mah man for that quote.

*side note: please, if you are actually black, don't take this to be mean. I totally understand that not all black people talk in ebonics and think they are pimps...

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