Why we love Joey

he just looks so damn hot here!

=- his stupidity is so cute and funny

=- he's really funny too

=- the way he is related to Steve, and if you think about it, if joey wasn't in Nsync, we would never know Steve.. thats sad.

=- his hot body.. oh yeah its there

=- his non existant fashion sense is often cute and enjoyable

=- his azz.. he actually has a nice ass actually

=- his flaming red hair.. haha

=- his now brown sesky hair

=- his gay voice "we're into the Backstreet Boys"

=- the way he makes any dull picture cool just looking at either: his weird facial expression, red hair, his ugly clothes

=- the way he actually doesn't suck that bad at dancing

=- his thrusting.. yes he too is a good thruster

=- he humped the stage during digital getdown

=- the way his voice always sounds shnozzy... but in a cool italian way.. hehe


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