Is joey the gay one?

joey and his boyfriend.. I mean brother

We all have heard that Lance is "gay" but why doesn't anyone ever question Joey? In my humble opinion I think JOEY is the gay one. Here's what happened. When Nsync was first formed, Joey explained to Lou that he was playin' for dat team. Well Lou decided to just lie. None of them could be gay! That would ruin them! So what he did was devised a clever plan that has tricked us all.. except for me.

Why does Joey always talk about women? Like out of no where he'll be like "I LOVE WOMEN!".. his image is "the flirty one" because EVERYWHERE from Disney from MTV he talks about his love for the ladies. But could it be thats its all a cover? Many people think that Rosie O' Donnell is a lezzie. (I don't really think so but oh well) and that her "love" for Tom Cruise is a big cover up to keep people from not specualating on her sexuality. Well same wit joey. If he randomly tells everyone on the planet that "HE LOVES WOMEN" and has his band mates do the same to end any doubt that he could be the fruit.

The Lance Conspiracy: Someone has to be the fall guy. In every group someone is labeled the "gay" one. Every time there is a group people assume that there is one homo. Take the Spice Girls. We have PROOF none of them are lezzies.. (two are married, and the others have boyfriends as I hear..) but when they were in their full popularity it was assumed one was a lezbo, but none of the rumors were ever consisive as upon which one. Some said it was sporty becauase she obviously has the lesser feminine demeanor, and some said it was scary, but no one could ever decide. Well in Nsync, Lance has been labeled the homo. But could this be because Lou designed it that way? Remember people, what we know about Nsync is what THEY let us know. We don't know EVERYTHING about whats going on..until behind the music that is. hehe. Lou had Lance dress a little more fem. give him that girly hair do look... make him say some randomly stupid things. "did you get that from claires? claires has EVERYTHING".. yeah sure.. Then suddenly when they break from Lou, Lance gets hot, stops saying and looking like a homo.

His Voice: How many times have we heard Joey talk in a "homo" accent? hmm.. lets see.. On SNL.. twice on making the video.. where else? I know there is more.. and have you heard him sing? sing like a pretty little girl in fluffy pink dress? yes folks, he sounds like a woman.

Tha Pimp: If jojo is such a pimp, and loves women so much why the hell does he never have girlfriend. Maybe he just doesn't have the balls to admit it like the other guys, but everytime they ask he just says "yeah, I've been on dates with different people but no girlfriend".. hmm.. people? no GIRLfriend. How bout BOP! asks him if he has a BOYFRIEND!

So My conclusion: Joey is a big, flaming homosexual... no joke

*note: none of the things on this page should be taken meanly. No one here at Hold Da Pickle has anything againest homosexuals.. sorry if we didn't use the completly Pollitically Correct terms too.. my bad


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