Mrs. Joshua Scott Chasez

Recently, me and alex were chatting on IM and I thought it would be fun to look at profiles... well I searched and found some dayum good ones. Like alot that say "Mrs. JC Chasez" and stuff. So this started a whole night long teeny obsession. We would find teenys and ask them "so whats it like being married to (*n-cert nsnyc name here) from nsync?" Most were like "oh.. good" or something but 1 or two played along... Okay I'm a beatch I know but it was fun.

Read this to find out provactive JC secrets... the crack... lance... steve...his little "nsyncer" the whole "package" ahaha

My stuff is in baby blue (duh) and the chicks in white. Plus I'll make some comments in italics. :) p.s. i need love sucks... sorry just had to get it out there.

Amanda1413: so whats it like being married to jc from nsync? omg, i need a hobby
JCsPlaymate069: its
Amanda1413: did you know he has other wives? there is like a hundred chicks on aol who say they are married to him!
JCsPlaymate069: lol...yeah...he's a morman hehe i thought this was clever
Amanda1413: your husband is cheating on you with like 20 other girls on aol
JCsPlaymate069: lol...that's ok
Amanda1413: so do you have kids together?
JCsPlaymate069: lol....
Amanda1413: how come you're laughing? do you?
Amanda1413: i guess you don't
JCsPlaymate069: i dont mean it
Amanda1413: do you tour with him... that must be hard... never seeing your husband and all
JCsPlaymate069: how old are you?
Amanda1413: 16 how old are you?
JCsPlaymate069: 18
Amanda1413: really? wow you married young!
JCsPlaymate069: lol
Amanda1413: so do you hang out with the other guys much?
JCsPlaymate069: oh yeah
Amanda1413: really? thats nice... are they cool?
JCsPlaymate069: very
Amanda1413: really? oh thats good... that must be kinda crappy... there is no privacy on the bus huh?
Amanda1413: yaknowwhatimsayin....
JCsPlaymate069: lol...yeah
Amanda1413: what do the other guys think of jc being married?
JCsPlaymate069: they dont care....joey is married too
Amanda1413: really? wow never knew!
Amanda1413: "what does JC wear when he goes to bed??" sorry my friend wants to know.... okay, no matter how much i wanna deny it.. I AM janet. Everything she will ask is what i wanted to ask..

JCsPlaymate069: his boxers
Amanda1413: sorry... i'm talking to her
JCsPlaymate069: cool
Amanda1413: so does he really do crack?
Amanda1413: sorry.... thats what i've heard... just checkin'

JCsPlaymate069: ok
Amanda1413: does he?
JCsPlaymate069: i lost the im...does he what?
Amanda1413: do crack?
JCsPlaymate069: no
Amanda1413: so is lance nice in person? he seems sweet?
JCsPlaymate069: yeah....
Amanda1413: so is justin really doing britney spears?
JCsPlaymate069: nope
Amanda1413: oh thats good to hear
Amanda1413: so do you have any insider info i should know about?

JCsPlaymate069: not really
Amanda1413: have you had sex with him yet?
Amanda1413: sorry.... that was my bitch ass friend.... shes stealing my keyboard! so i made up a "friend" to ask nasty questions. okay, no matter how much i wanna deny it.. I AM janet. Everything she will ask is what i wanted to ask..

JCsPlaymate069: oh yes
JCsPlaymate069: lol
Amanda1413: so is he good?
JCsPlaymate069: very
Amanda1413: god dammit! sorry........ i'm trying to tell her to shut up!
JCsPlaymate069: lol
Amanda1413: do the other guys always have chicks like scattered all around the bus?
JCsPlaymate069: not really
Amanda1413: have you ever like .. uh you know with any of the other guys?
JCsPlaymate069: um....
Amanda1413: see i;m so much less blunt than she is.... hehe its not my strong talent
JCsPlaymate069: lol
Amanda1413: well shes jumping all around like a dumb ass so you have to answer
JCsPlaymate069: lol....
Amanda1413: oh... who! and what! hehe
JCsPlaymate069: dont you think thats kinda personal?
Amanda1413: you told me what your husband wears to bed and that stuf... come on... okay just who
JCsPlaymate069: ill tell you who....
JCsPlaymate069: Lance
Amanda1413: okay... hehe
Amanda1413: how's lance?
JCsPlaymate069: he's good
Amanda1413: omg.... how bout you just talk to her cuz shes being a bitch and stealing the keyboard... here she is
JCsPlaymate069: ok
Amanda1413: hi there! my name is janet!
Amanda1413: sup
JCsPlaymate069: hi
Amanda1413: hey... so about u and lance
JCsPlaymate069: ok....
Amanda1413: so how did that happen?
JCsPlaymate069: um....
JCsPlaymate069: well...dont you think thats kinda personal?
Amanda1413: okay okay... were you drunk or what?
JCsPlaymate069: no
Amanda1413: omg you were sober!
JCsPlaymate069: yeah...
Amanda1413: was it before you were married to jc?
JCsPlaymate069: no
Amanda1413: omg does he know?
JCsPlaymate069: yeah....he watched
Amanda1413: are you shitting me?
JCsPlaymate069: yeah...
JCsPlaymate069: he doesnt know
Amanda1413: dayum girl you have THE best life
JCsPlaymate069: thanks...
Amanda1413: why lance?
Amanda1413: why not justin....
JCsPlaymate069: coz he's hot
JCsPlaymate069: coz justin is ugly
JCsPlaymate069: and we dont really get along...i would have rather done joey...but that was a bust
JCsPlaymate069: but i have done a fatone
Amanda1413: Re-ally....
JCsPlaymate069: yeah
Amanda1413: you have to tell me more now....
JCsPlaymate069: you know who steve is?
Amanda1413: yes.....
JCsPlaymate069: thats the fatone i did
JCsPlaymate069: i did him, before i was married to jc though
Amanda1413: does he know?
JCsPlaymate069: yeah
Amanda1413: he doesn't care
JCsPlaymate069: well, it was before we went out
Amanda1413: ohh.. but hes on the bus too... don't you ever think... like dayum theres steve... i could do him again?
JCsPlaymate069: no
Amanda1413: so... i know about lance and steve and how you wanted joey... what about chris
JCsPlaymate069: chris is like a brother to me
JCsPlaymate069: im really good friends with his fiance
Amanda1413: oh... dayum!
JCsPlaymate069: lol
Amanda1413: so how come you and juju don't get along
JCsPlaymate069: conflict in interest
Amanda1413: oh.. or is he just a royal ass!
Amanda1413: he seems like it... i'd still bang the boy though
JCsPlaymate069: no he's cool...but he know's what happened between jc and i
JCsPlaymate069: i mean lance
Amanda1413: ohh.. why does he care?
Amanda1413: i know too.. tehehe
JCsPlaymate069: coz jc is his good friend and something like this could break the group up
Amanda1413: oh.. yeah i see... thats too bad
JCsPlaymate069: yeah
Amanda1413: that seems weird... who knew jc was so kinky... watching his woman and his bud!
JCsPlaymate069: lol
JCsPlaymate069: i was kidding about that

Amanda1413: oh damn
Amanda1413: but he knows
JCsPlaymate069: no
Amanda1413: ohh... dayum!
JCsPlaymate069: yup
Amanda1413: so juju knows... duh lance knows but your hubby don't!
JCsPlaymate069: yup
Amanda1413: hehe... wow sounds melrose
JCsPlaymate069: lol
Amanda1413: does lance "always" sound like that? all deep and crap?
JCsPlaymate069: yes
Amanda1413: ahahaha how much money i would pay to hear that!
JCsPlaymate069: i get to hear it for free

JCsPlaymate069: meanwhile they are all in hawaii and im here
Amanda1413: ohh... so sad... talking to me... but i'm cool... amanda is a dork
Amanda1413: oww.... god! what a bitch she just hit me!
JCsPlaymate069: lol
Amanda1413: those bunks are the best place for nsync lovin though huh?
Amanda1413: amanda thinks i'm hella nasty... oh well
JCsPlaymate069: not really....there really isnt enough room
Amanda1413: see. damn i knew it
JCsPlaymate069: um...ok
Amanda1413: sorry.... amanda and me are arguing! am i nasty? or am i just asking you normal questions?
JCsPlaymate069: you're asking normal questions
Amanda1413: thank you.....
JCsPlaymate069: no prob
Amanda1413: was the lance deal once or like a frequent thing?
JCsPlaymate069: once
Amanda1413: how long ago?
JCsPlaymate069: 2 months ago
Amanda1413: does he ever try to get wit you more?
JCsPlaymate069: no
Amanda1413: oh thats good.... would justin tell jc?
JCsPlaymate069: no, i dont think soi
JCsPlaymate069: so*
Amanda1413: that would suck if you got knocked up and it was lances! ahaha it would come out blonde and saying shit about mississippi
Amanda1413: hehe.... sorry
JCsPlaymate069: lol
Amanda1413: okay... this is kinda bad even for me.....
JCsPlaymate069: y?
Amanda1413: is lance or jc... ya know... bigger....
JCsPlaymate069: lol...jc is much bigger
Amanda1413: and better right?
JCsPlaymate069: yes
Amanda1413: lance wasn't a virgin was he?
JCsPlaymate069: no...he lost it to his prom date
JCsPlaymate069: and he did it dozens of times with danielle
Amanda1413: oh dayum.... the boy meets world chick
Amanda1413: ?
JCsPlaymate069: yup
JCsPlaymate069: on the bus
Amanda1413: ew...
JCsPlaymate069: lol
Amanda1413: so does joey's wife hang there too?
JCsPlaymate069: yeah...she's my best friend
Amanda1413: were u guys buds first or after she and joey hooked up
JCsPlaymate069: first
JCsPlaymate069: we went to school together
Amanda1413: oh thats cool... did you get with jc first or her with joey?
JCsPlaymate069: me with jc
Amanda1413: oh.. how cute!
Amanda1413: i gots to go... but i have to ask one quick question....
JCsPlaymate069: ok
Amanda1413: if you were already getting some jc booty why lance? i mean... hes cute and all but the mississippi thing must get old
JCsPlaymate069: he doesnt do it with us
JCsPlaymate069: and the whole lance thing is a very long story
Amanda1413: well i have 5 minutes and a curious imagination.......
JCsPlaymate069: lol
JCsPlaymate069: its gonna take longer than that
JCsPlaymate069: lets just put it this way, it started when they were in germany
JCsPlaymate069: well, im out...i have to clear the phone lines for jc's phone call
JCsPlaymate069: bye
Amanda1413: k, peace out