Why We Love JC

He's really quite hot...

=- his voice.. its like, beyond words great.. even in the thug appeal song

=- his thug appeal.. or lack thereof makes him cute

=- his little accents that I have no clue where/what they are supposed to be "reckkin' caaars"

=- the cute little things he says "wow.. mah groin hurts"

=- the way he can make anything seem serious

=- the way that he seems like a genuinly sweet and 'respectable' guy

=- that whole "respect everybody" thing makes ya wanna take him home to momma doesn't it?

=- the way he seems like he'd be a really great dad, or brother or uncle..

=- his hot body.. yeah as much as we deny it.. it is a highly hot body

=- the way he doesn't seem as though he knows hes as perfect as he is *cough* justin.. joeciededness is not found here

=- his most unattractive feature is still better than any other guys (his nose. it could be worse. it could be Nick Lachey.. lol... Alex is laughing right now..)

=- His parents just seem so nice.. I've only seen them like twice on TV but I love em' for some reason

=- he's not really on drugs. For some reason I think he cares more about the people around him to be a crack head

=- His hot body thrusting. Just as good as Justy's or betta..

=- He humped the stage during digital getdown.. that was phat

=- the way he wrote the best song ever.. digital getdown

=- the way he looked like a doll in "Its gonna be me" makes me wanna build him a barbie house and let him live in my room.. hehe

=- the little 'take out cd.. blow on it..put it back' thing from bye bye bye

=- the part in "I just wanna be with you" he goes 'sugar come and be with me..' I love that

=- and in "bringin' da noise" he goes "shake it grrrll"... I love that too

=- the way he looks way better in baby blue than Justin ever will


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