Uh Oh... We have a situation.

I just now realized that isn't even an Nsync joke; but a hanson one. LOL. Alright, if its your first time to this site, I'm sorry yo, but dis ain't here. Remember awhile ago I told you that we were redoing the site? and reopening it with a different name and such? Well because of a wack ass thing with my computer EVERYTHING has been deleted. EVERYTHING Y'ALL.. we had to reinstall the orginal software, its been a crazy week for my comp. I have like no nsync pictures, anything... Its really sad. Anyways, because of that I gotta tell y'all straight up; this place ain't gonna be opening for awhile. I gotta totally redo everything. It feels nice to start fresh though. We aren't taking the old stuff down, and some of these pages will still be on the new site obviously, but its all good right? If you just visited here you can still check it out and then come back sometime soon and hopefully this will be a redirect message.