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*lol* I love this picture. I didn't make it though. whoever I stole this from, E-mail me, and I'll give you the credit you deserve. hehe, look at Justin. (the real one) He looks to proud of his offspring. now I guess we have to call them *N*N*N*N*N ...or Justin, or something. look at   joey! he looks like the guy from smashmouth! This picture amuses me.

LAST UPDATED July 4th 2000

Just Justin ~ A tour of Amanda's teeny-boppin birthday spectacular/extravaganza!

Amanda's New Opinion ~ Amanda Fatone? what the hell?

Fun wit da teeny's ~ okay, so I'm bitch... I'm over it

Nsync lyrics ~ Giddy up is NOT about horses

Ticket Hell ~ Bitch Fights, Whipped Cream, Justin, Engagement Rings and a Rite Aid sidewalk

Marriage Bliss ~ If you were married to an Nsyncer, life would rule

Marriage Hell ~ If you were married to an Nsyncer, life would suck a big one




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