Amanda's Inner Struggle: The conclusion

Oh, I know everyone has been on the the edge of their seats awaiting this one. You see, a couple thousand years ago (actually, June 13th) I went to a lil somthing known as an Nsync Concert. Well guess what? We had a problem. You see, I saw Stever in person and fell for his hotness.. check out steve.. you can't hate..

This one is tight cuz you can't see his hair. lol. He actually has real crunk hair now.

The Stever 'Pros'

- he's real hot

- he's italian (lol)

- he's not a *real* star so he's got that attainable (i can't spell.. don't hate) factor goin' on

- My mom likes him.. lol.. "Yeah Steve was on Entertainment Tonight.. he's the one with the camara? yeah, he's cute.. cuter than his brother"

The Stever 'cons'

- he's not even an nsync member

- he kinda has this habit of shaving his head and looking like a spaz

- he is the 'nsync bitch boy' in my humble opinion

This is the only picture of Joey I have that I like. However, I do like the glossy I bought at the concert. That's a strong reason I'm almost a Jojo Fan

JoJo 'Pros'

- he's hot

-he's italian

- he's pretty buff.. check dat pic.. damn

- he's funny

- he's really mean at times.. and thats funny

- again, my mom likes him.. during the HBO special during TIPY (lol.. tippy) she goes "that one is sexy" and they showed JC and I go "JC?" and she goes "no.... that one, that had the kool aid hair"

- baby got back.. lol

Jojo 'cons'

- he's a whore

- everyone goes "you like who? joey? is that the ugly one?"

- he's a whore.. wait i already said that? sorry...

Lance 'pros'

- he's hot

- he's got the whole "southern, kind, gentle church boy" thing that I'm always so attracted too

- he's from mississippi

- he loves his mom.. lol

- Alex approves of him, so I stay away from Jc and Ju

- he has a tight voice


Lance 'cons'

- hes a momma's boy

- he looks like Disney's "Doug" or a pokemon according to my mom

- his eyes are screwed up

- he dances WORSE than Joey

Justy 'pros'

- hes mad fine

- he rocks the wife beater like no other

- he thrusts a MILLION times better than lance

- he's blonde with blue eyes

Justy 'cons'

- the fro

- his wife and two kids (britney and her silicone 'twins'.. lol.. i call them his wife and such because she like FOLLOWS him around.. and then they booty call and lie about it, and dere ain't nothin' attractive about a dog)

- the fro.. and the fro

JC pros

- hes hot

- he has pretty eyes

- he licks the stage.. lol

Jc 'cons'

- he's alex's man

- he's a crack head

The Poll turned out in favor of



But, I however have chosen a new favorite member. His name is Taylor.

look there he is being sweaty and hot, by the way, this picture doesn't show his hot sweaty arms as it should. lol.. Anyhoo.. no really. There is no solution. I will forever be flip floppin' between members, and therefore the page you just read was pretty pointless. Thanks to those who did vote though ~ Amanda