Amanda's Innner Struggle..

I Can't choose one...

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I have ALOT of problems..and I need your help. You see last nights concert has greatly confused me and I do not know what to do. Here they are.. the problems.

- I can't choose one favorite Nsync Member

- I have 5 favorites

- But technically, only 4 are *official* members

- About a month ago I found 2 of my favorite contenders completly repulsive and thought they were both rejects

- I know all their flaws, which makes it harder to pick a favorite... there individual flaws all cancel each others out!

Okay, here's what I'm talking about. I was all excited cuz' I really wanted to meet "The Stever" a.k.a. Joey's brother, Steve. He is A HUGE laughing stock throughout the world of Nsync humor. Some hate him, others love him.. I didn't really give that much a carp...

I missed the other gay opening act, after being scared carpless by standing on a little platform and then walking up MASS stairs in the dark in high flip flops, I was relieved to see the lights come back on. Just then my cousin with the binoculars goes "OH MY GAWD! THATS JC!" and points at a guy in a grey shirt and jeans... I look at him wandering around in the backstage looking area.. he walks like JC.. looks like JC! OH MY GAWD! So I told Alex, and we looked and we were all excited.

Just then, this "JC" walks out on stage... hmm.. then they show him on the screen and Alex and I figured it out "STEVER!!!!"... whoa... okay.. the stever was up there for about what? 2 minutes MAX and the whole time I'm just happy as a mississippi pig on a hot day or something like that... I mean.. It's the STEVER! But after snapping like 10 pictures and watching the little screen thingy I totally relized...

The Stever is a beefcake!

Can this be true? Tell me can this be real? How can I put into words what I feel? Well really simply I can... STEVE IS FOINE! He has mass buff arms in his little tight gray shirt, he looked hot just wearing that.. like normal people clothes.. no like jTr outfit.. and he is a big hottie.. okay.. this poses dilema # 1.. How can I like the Stever?

Now, as the night continues.. I watch pink.. shes phat.. yeah.. okay.. so then Nsync comes out.. some how I don't remember which song, I commendere the bino's.. and what do I see? Is that a hottie? A new member? There's JC.. stud.. Justy..stud.. Lance..stud.. Chris.. old funny guy.. and some hottie.. with brown hair.. not red but brown.. odd... the lenses we HELLA screwy so i had to close one eye to see perfectly... Holy Britney Backstreet Nsync.. (did anyone else watch making the video with eminem?)

Joey is a beefcake!

Now this is problem #2.. Joey? When I saw the MTV movie awards I saw Joey and said.. "whoa! joey looks hot"... when I saw the "FIIIVVEEE DOOLLLERRR" photos I thought "whoa! joey looks hot!"..... but this boggles the mind.. JOEY? ITS JOEY!

I'm sad though.. I feel like I am betraying Lance and JC and Justy... I can't like 5 Nsync members.. or 4 members and a family member.. Its just not right.. but I can't really help it.. Steve is a hottie.. and Joey is a hottie... Its not like I just think they are hot.. when I went up to buy a whole set of the Nsync $5 photos after the concert.. (I already bought a JC and a Justy before the concert) and the guy grabbed a Chris and a Lance and then proceeded to tell me "Joey is Sold Out" I felt like crap! Thats the only one I really wanted! Besides JC.. that one is FOINE! but then he dug around and found a Joey for me, and I was happy.

This is where you come in. For approximatly one month I will be asking for your help in this twisted matter. I need some feedback. So PLEASE Email me at and tell me...

1) Either JC, Justin, Lance, Joey or The Stever

2) and why


Take the Poll...

I'm gonna close the polls and start checking the emails on July 14th and I'll add the results up. Each email will count as 5 poll votes... so if JC gets 50 poll votes but The Stever gets 11 Emails, then The Stever wins... got it? The poll will be up this weekend.. as soon as I get it.. you can access it by opening the pop up that automatically came up on this page, or if you closed it just hit "refresh" or "reload"... I encourage you to vote as many times as you want to. The Winner of ME! will be announced on July 15th as apart of the "Problem Solved" week... (That weekend I'm gonna be premering the Nsync mysteries that I've been writing, some great problems that may never be solved and MUCH MUCH MORE!)

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