Fun wit Backstreet Fans

Recently I came up with mah favorite new game "state the obvious to BSB fans". Its a fun game! You can play too! Check it out!

1) find a misc. BSB fan chat on yahoo, or AOL (my personal fav. is AOL)

2) go in and just starting stating the obivous about the BSB... all facts, no opinions!


Good Statements: BSB sucks ass

Bad Statement: I think BSB sucks ass

WHY? well, you never wanna say whatchathink.... just say whatever you think as a fact. No ? marks, no ! , just the facts

3) NEVER,EVER denominate yourself as an Nsync fan... they will just come up with the typical "NSUCK," or "NSTINK" comment... as a teeny would say "WHAT-EEVVER!"

4) don't refrain from flat out, very mean, suggestive or plain funny/nasty comments about the BSB... some of the kiddies might not get em' but hell they're worth a laugh *Example and mah personal fave: "did you know howie changed his name? his real name is Rosy... Rosy Palm" (incase you COULDN'T figure it out, thats a masterbation joke.... hehe)

5) Stake out the SN's and rooms vibe for a minute... if there is 100 "MRSNICKCARTER" SN's, reach out your nick arrsenal first. Just becuase when you say "Howie is a reject" no one says anything.. of course! they know hes weird.. no one likes him. But when you say "Nick is a fat retard" the bitches will come a'runnin

6) don't shy away from, but also don't limit yourself to first grade insults... most of these bitches are 10, 11, or 12.... ex: "Howie eats poop" "AJ is a clown on the weekends"

7) don't do it under your normal SN..... espicially not on AOL... this way every time you come online 20 bitches will yell at you.. and its even worse on AOL... they may even send around chain letters to all their 1st grade buddies to IM you... and email you a buncha junk. If on Yahoo, get a new SN just for fucking with people... or on AOL if you don't wanna do that, use your internet resources... some good places to chat are Yahoo Clubs (all the BSB ones) and misc. fan sites chat areas and maybe but i don't know if they have a chat room

8) remember your 1st ammendment rights... Freedom of speech as long as you aren't harming or threatening others. DO NOT SAY : i'm gonna kill howie.... this will get you in deep shit, kidding or not.

And Coming soon: Amanda's rein of terror begins in the Backstreet Bitches Cronicles!


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