Fun wit teenys

Hey! Its Amanda here... recently I was kinda bored so I thought "hell, I wonder what some teenys are doing right now!" So I came up with some questions and decided to have a little fun.. hehe

The questions were basic... nothing too complicated. Just some stuff I wondered what teeny's would think. I tried to talk to 5 fans of each member... sometimes theres 5, sometimes theres only 3 or 4... it takes a while to do! :) well choose who's fans you want to read!

Justin Timberlake :*:*: "gimme a break, gimme a break, break me off a piece of that Tim-ber-lake"

JC Chasez :*:*: "you can't be a singer and do drugs"

Lance Bass :*:*: COMING SOON

Chris Kirkpatrick :*:*: COMING SOON

Joey Fatone :*:*: " Steve? He's hot, too. But Joey's better!"




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