Hold Da Pickle Soap Opera!

Hey y'all! Ever wonder what to do on a day when you are HELLA bored? Well I usually look for a good fan fiction to occupy my mind for awhile. This isn't a typical story though. This is a Ghetto Bitch Production and you know what that means! It's some crazy stuff up in here.. :) Well I do have to say this first: We aren't Nsync, this really didn't happen, and although the Characters named 'Amanda' and 'Alex' have shocking similarities to us, they aren't really us. Some of the things they do, we don't agree with (at one point Amanda turns Justin down.. yeah that would happen) and we wouldn't necessarily do. Well read this and have fun! If you have any comments, complaints or questions you can email us at Rolly.Polly.Joey@IloveChocolate.com or sign the brand new Guestbook!

This Story is copyrighted by Ghetto Bitch Productions and is not to be bitch jacked off this site. If you like it that much, please just link to this page so your viewers can read it themselves rather than putting it on your site. All Episodes are written by Amanda unless otherwise stated. Thank you and goodnite

Episode 1 ~ meet Justy, Amanda, Lance, Thuga Peal and Crackina

Episode 2 ~ "you and me baybe ain't nothin but mammals..."

Episode 3 ~ In da rest-er-aunt

Episode 4 ~ Not my poofoo

Episode 5 ~ Not my poofoo part II

Episode 6 ~ getting even

Episode 7 ~ crying into her pudding

Episode 8 ~ explanations or excuses?

Episode 9 ~ back to normal.. sort of

Episode 10 ~ There is no "I" in Nsync

Episode 11 ~ Mary Jane Sue

Episode 12 ~ I do

Episode 13 ~ Thank God for Lonnie

Episode 14 ~ Mass Margaritas **note: this chapter contains ALOT of swear words**

Episode 15 ~ Cheatin' written by Alex!

Episode 16 ~ Where'd they go?

Episode 17 ~ Yes!

Episode 18 ~ Temptations

Episode 19 ~ uh oh

Episode 20 ~ Scandelous

Episode 21 ~ Disobeyin' Momma

Episode 22 ~ Cookie Dough

Episode 23 ~ Where's Joey when you need him?

Episode 24 ~ Happy Little Reunion

Episode 25 ~ Uh OH.. Again

Episode 26 ~ Its now officially hit the fan

NEW - 10*3*2000

Episode 27 ~ Red

Episode 28 ~ Lusty Springs

Episode 29 ~ Paternity

Episode 30 ~ Awkward

Episode 31 ~ Moving Foward

Episode 32 ~ Pancakes are our friend

Episode 33 ~ God damn 'boppers

Episode 34 ~ Notice how every time we go out something bad happens?

Episode 35 ~ He's back...



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