“*N sync stays at a haunted house”


Ever wondered where music video ideas come from? Sometimes it’s not just the Director thinking up the storyboard. Well this story explains a well-known video…

On a dark and stormy night, *N Sync is heading to their next concert. While on their way to the concert in Transilvaina, Their tour bus breaks down conveniently next to an old broken down abandoned house.

[James forces them off the bus to go sleep in the old house. They walk up to the front doors, as a storm comes on. They argue with James, as the doors slowly creeks open.]

Lance: This is the second time the bus broke down!

James: that ain’t my fault.

Justin: yo, we never gonna make da next show!

JC: [whips out a phone] I’ll try to get a hold of management…

James: it ain’t my fault- LOOK, [they stop talking] the bus broke down, I’ll get it fixed… y’all just chill here for a minute—

[They break out into argument, all at once]

Chris: no way! I’m not stayin’ here!

Joey: uh-uh! This place is creepy! And it looks like it hasn’t had food here in a long time…

Justin: This place it da ghetto! …but Ah can adjust, seein’ Ah AM from da ghetto…


Lance: This place is covered in dust, and I have allergies that’ll make my eyes water… and that’ll smear my mascara!

James: [interrupting] LOOK LOOK—I’ll be back… [mumbles] backstreet… [James takes off running]


The boys, seeing they have no alternative choice, head to some rooms to stay the night in.


Justin finds a room that appears to be some sort of Taxidermy’s hide out sorta thing. But it conveniently has a bed. Justin sneers at all the animal heads and bodies placed around the room. He pats the dust off the bed’s sheets, and crawls into bed.  Only after a few minutes is he tossing and turning. He feels something under the sheets. He looks under, and pulls out a stuffed weasel sort of thing. He is about to scream bloody murder, when he hears someone else scream, instead.

Justin: [getting up] what the hell was that?

Justin slowly starts to walk to the door, into the hall to check up on the guys.

Justin [Thinking]: ok, dat wasn’t Chris- he has a way high pitched scream. Ah know dat ain’t be Lance, he has a deep Mississippian voice. Dat CAN’T be JC, he sleeps through everything. …And Ah I know it ain’t be Joey, … because… Ah jus know it’s not him. Who was dat??

[Justin slowly starts to creep into the hallway when he hears some pop music playing, downstairs. They music starts getting louder and louder as he just stands there. He steps over the balcony only to discover—

Justin: What da HELL??

Justin is over looking a bunch of people ball room dancing, on a purple and white swirled floor.

Director: CUT! …who’s up there??

Justin: [hella confused] …what??

Nick: …it’s… [Squints] …JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE?! DAMN YOU!!! BURN IN HELL!! … You screw up everything! Why do you always have to ruin my life?? …. [Sobs]

Brian: Hey, we were here first!

Kevin: …hey…it’s *N Sync… those Bastards…

A.J.: what are you doing here?

Justin: What the hell are YOU doing here?

Brian: we’re trying to shoot our video for our hit single “Backstreet’s back”. Alright?

Howie: hahahahahahaha [twitch] a Hah ha…

A.J.: [punches Howie in the face] Jesus, shut up.

[Chris comes staggering out, rubbing his eyes. He’s dressed in Blues Clues pajamas.]

Chris: hey, Justin, what’s going on?

Nick: [sarcastically] hey, nice P.J.’s, Chris.

Howie: [still unconscious]

Brian: uh, Nick, you have those EXACT same pajamas…

Nick: uh… well… but … he’s like 40.

Brian: So’s Kevin.

Kevin: …hey, …guys, I’m … not…--

A.J.: [interrupting] well, anyway. Justin, Chris—what are you doing here?

[Joey comes out in superman pajamas]

Joey: ???

[The backstreet boys burst out laughing at Joey.]

Joey: you know, I want to be superman when I grow up.

Justin: [puts his face in his hands, shakes his head and sighs]

Joey: what?

[Lance comes out with a facemask and a pink robe on]

Lance: OMIGOSH! It’s the backstreet boys! [Runs back into his room]

Justin: well anyway, our bus broke down, and we had ta stay here while it was being fixed.

Nick: really?

Chris: [Sarcastic] nah, we’re KIDDING. We just like being spontaneous and felt like spending the night in an old nasty-ass house.

Nick: …why?

A.J.: uh, nick. I think he’s being SARCASTIC.

Nick: …what?

Director: well, sorry *N sync, but you can’t be here, we’re shooting a music video, and you can’t be on the set.

Joey:… where will we go?

James: [walks in with a steering wheel and a bloody face] [in a deep scary voice he says]: Let’s go…

Justin, Nick, Brian, A.J., Joey, Chris, Kevin, Director, Camera crew, Dancers, Lighting specialist, make-up artists, wardrobe people, extras: [scream]

[JC comes out, squinting his eyes, with a disturbed look on his face]

JC: what the hell? Shut up!

James: [clears throat] …oh, sorry guys, I have a cough, and a bunch of oil splashed my face, and I found this extra steering wheel somewhere. Well, I got the bus fixed, get your stuff, and let’s go.


[With a sigh of relief and embarrassment, the *N Sync boys grab their stuff, and walk out of the house. No one says a word until they close the doors behind them]

Howie: [wakes up] what [twitch] happen?

A.J.: I punched your ugly ass.

Howie: why? [Drool, wink]

A.J.: CHRIST! You’re so ANNOYING! [Knocks Howie out again] Stop goddamn twitching!

Director: [to himself] hmm… that’s not a bad storyboard. [To BSB] hey, guys, before you know how I was just going to show you dance around on the swirly dance floor, and have Brian’s stunt double just flip around everywhere? … I’ve decided to actually make sense of it all…

Brian: even my back flipping?

Director: no that still won’t make sense.

Brian: oh, ok. But what about that pointless scene, where I scream at the stuffed ferret in my bed?

Director: we can work that into the new video. ok, [explains new video concept, everything that *N Sync did when they came to the house.]

Nick: no! We can’t copy *N Sync!

Brian: we came first!

A.J.: actually, the song implies that we left, and then came back, …”Backstreet’s back”. So the song itself makes no sense…

Director: trust me, it’ll be a hit!

Kevin: yeah, … I agree… it’ll… be so…


--[Cuts Kevin off] and that’s where the video concept for the Backstreet Boy’s video “Everybody” came from.