Episode 9 ~ back to normal.. sort of

So Amanda decides she's seriously had enough of all this. She packs her crap, hugs alex and Jc and Joey, and hops on the first plane back to Washington. Damn, lance, damn britney... damn them all. Everything should be just peachy keen eh? well not exactly...you see Lance hates justin but loves Amanda, Justin hates Lance and loves (sorta) amanda too... Joey hates JC, and is madly in love with Alex, and JC loves everybody... so whats missing here?

Chris: hey guys! Immmmm bbaaaackkk!

Chris who was on a little vact-e-on (vacation) is now back. He left a few days ago.. flew in for the show, and left again. Well now Chris is back...and trying to figure out what the heeelll went on.
(everyone is explaining what went on)
Lance: *sobbing* so then britney bursts in and interupts me proposing to amanda
Chris: um... wait.. start over.. i wasn't listening......
Joey: then stupid JC had to come back... gawd I HATE HIM!
Chris: whoa.. anger management issues.. much?
Justin: and she was here in mah room but she felt bad cuz she didn't wanna use me or some shit and left..
Chris: well, at least you kinda made out with her....?
Alex: then joey starts kissing me!
Chris: and you liked it... oh gawd....
JC: then i fell asleep
Chris: big suprise

Well Alex is so happy to see chris. One best friend leaves, and the other comes back.. ironic eh? well Chris decides that they all need to bond, and go out to dinner together. The fireworks already began.. and they weren't even there yet.

Lance: I will not ride in the same car with *him* (pointing at justin)

Justin: well I don't want to ride in the same car with that *cheater*

Chris: well we don't wanna ride in the same car with you two babies! Lance you ride with lonnie and me and Joey, and justin you ride with Alex and JC

Justin: fine ba me!

Lance: fine by me too!

So after a rocky start.. they finally make it to the resteraunt.... but the seating arrangments were another story. Justin couldn't be by lance, and lance couldn't be by alex (ghetto bitch pride ya know?), but joey couldn't be by alex either... or JC...
finally all was well, everyone was seemingly happy... but it started.... Chris had to go and open his big mouth and ask where amanda was

Justin: Lance drove her away from all of us by his disrespect of her commitment to him

Lance: screw you! YOU drove her away by taking advantage of her when she needed someone to love her.. when she needed ME!

Justin: well maybe if YOU didn't cheat on her with Ms. "two cents an hour" Spears than she wouldn't have needed comforting

Lance: fuck you

Justin: thats what got you in all this trouble in the first place!

Lance: what did you say?

Justin: AH SAID.....T

he scuffle begins and the people have had enough! Alex gets up and walks out... Jc and chris are trying to hold Justin and Lance back... and Joey.. well joey goes to "comfort" alex

Joey: hey alex, wait up

Alex: oh hey joey

Joey: I.. uh.. about the other day

Alex: yeah... well

Joey: I'm sorry, but... I need you.. I mean, I can take care of you... like in a way JC can't....

Alex: oh.. joey...

Joey: *like QT in 2gether..and justin* shh.. don't say anything (sorry, i had to change it)

Alex: joey we shouldn't be doing this...its wrong

Joey: is it? then if its wrong, why does it feel so right? (that sounds like a pick up line)

Alex: joey...

Suddenly all of her will power breaks down.. Joey starts kissing her... and he lets her... they are standing in the alley behind an italian place making out... suddenly the door shuts and someone yells

JC: what the FUCK?

Alex: JC wait... it doesn't look....

JC: fucker!

JC charges joey.. (anyone here watch WWF? well if you don't... I don't know if you'll get this.. but a speer is football like tackle move and a really hot guys finisher.. edge is so fine) and give him a speer on the concrete.. riping violently at his hair.. and ugly super man necklace JC claws joey...and tackles him down again.. this time sitting on top of him punching vioently... alex screams for help... shes never seen JC like this... but chris told her once he gets into these rages, and just goes off and is capable of doing anything... even killing joey! out of nowhere, JC spots a glass wine bottle laying next to the dumpster... he grabs it and rushes joey... smacking the cold glass with a sickening thud to joeys skull.