Chapter 8 ~ explanations or excuses?

Amanda decided to talk things out with lance... there were many tears as she told the terrible tale of her and justy's romp... but when lance got to his part of this apoligy/explanation... he sounded like he was quite un-sorry

Lance: seriously... someone must have slipped something in my drink becuase the next thing I remember is being in a room, with who I thought was you... and then the real you coming in and fighting with you.. then I passed out and I woke up and lonnie was carrying me to my room

Amanda: lance... don't make excuses

Lance: I'm not! what happened? who was that with me if it wasn't you?

Amanda: it was britney

Lance: britney.. britney spears, britney?

Amanda: yes.. what other slutty britney's do you know?

Lance: what happened in there amanda... we didn't

Amanda: yes you did

Lance: *bursting into uncontrolable hysterical tears* what have I done? how will I explain this to my mom! I'm not a virgin anymore! oh gosh! omg... what if... what if i got her pregnant? oh my lord!

Amanda: well.... unless she swallows... well i guess she still wouldn't get knocked up over that....

Lance: what? i don't understand... am i a virgin..?

Amanda: well Seventeen magazine says: yes... I say: no

Lance: what?

Amanda: well its not like you did the horizontal rumba (remeber that Alex? i read that note again the other day)... but she gave you a blow job... in Dr. Amanda's book of whatever.. that constitutes "sex" therefore making you a sexually active nsync member

Lance: what does "blow job" mean?

Amanda: lance? what the hell? did you just skip your teenage years or what? damn boy... its oral sex lance... ya know.. a monica.. hello?

Lance: ohhhh.... um what?

Well being as how lance has totally gotten to see this other ghetto side of Amanda she figures she might as well just let him see it. so there we go.. Dr. Amanda teaching sex ed.

Lance: oh... but we never actually...

Amanda: no

Lance: so that means me and you are still.. you know.. virgins

Amanda: sure, whatever you say lance

Lance: well thats what I wanted to talk about... I wanted to do this tonite but, I can't wait any longer, now that I know that I am still pure (this is senseless mississippi babble... pure for marriage southern shit... okay truth being, in REAL life, I'd eat this shit up if lance said it on TV or something... but I'll stop dreaming)
Lance: *still* Amanda... *getting on one knee* will you marry....

Suddenly Britney rushes into the room

Lance: no! what are you doing here

Britney: remember lancey? you just told me like 20 minutes ago to come up here becuase you broke up with your girlfriend and were ready to "give yourself" or something.. *annoying britney giggle*

Lance: Britney I... uh... Amanda... no.. it isn't like that... no.. wait..

Amanda gets up and starts to walk out of the room when britney says...

Britney: hey sorry bitch... you did hit me one more time.. but now I'm gonna be hittin yo man all night long

Amanda has had enough of this shit

Amanda: *punching britney and making her hit the floor unconcious this time* oops.. I did it again.... (haha... i'm so clever right?)

Lance: amanda wait... i didn't really...

Amanda: save it lance... I gave you another chance..this time its over for good *storms out*
Justin sits in his room alone talking to himself
Justin: yeah.... well that britney will do anything for a piece of me.. even burst in on a touching reunion... *evil laugh* muhahaha...muhaha.. muahahahaha