Episode 7 ~ crying into the pudding

Sudenly, Amanda feels almost guilty about what she's done. Suddenly, she can't enjoy the moment with her and justin. She feels awful about not only doing that to lance, but using justin.

Amanda: Justin... I can't use you like this

Justin: *obviously not caring, he just wants some bootae* you're not using me... and if you are its not so bad..

Amanda: Justin, I'm serious.. I can't do this to you, i don't love you, I'm sorry, I don't wanna hurt you

Justin: you won't hurt me, ah've done dis befo'

Amanda: no, justin i don't mean literally hurt you.... oh gawd.. screw it

Justin: so we are gonna screw

Amanda: no! I'm really sorry, I'm gonna go now...
So Amanda gets up and leaves a very horned up, very sad Juju left in the b-room....

Justin: *to himself* a woman? turnin down dis? is she craazzy? ahm jTr bitch! you betta recongize.... all dat, all dat wit brit and everyfing' and now i still ain't get none

Amanda leaves and goes over a few doors to Alex and Jc's room.. thank god she caught them in between. ya know... so she didn't feel that bad

Alex: *opening da door* hey! whats wrong? did you ever find lance?

Amanda tells the WHOLE twisted story to Alex and Jc... Alex feels really bad and Amanda is already been crying for a hella long time... shes still in her ghetto clubbin gear... and can't change becuase she brought all of her crap to lance's room before they went out. Jc feels bad, and being the caring brotha that he is.. offers to go to lance's room and get all her stuff so she can stay with them.

So Jc is off to lance's room, but he has gotten strict orders from alex not to "be nice to the scum ball, and don't even think about bringing him back here with you.. if you do i sware you will become a born again virgin"... well dayum woman... so he gets there to find the door unlocked and lance lying on one of the beds, eyes bright from the tears and still crying hysterically, surrounded by those teeny little bottles of mini bar booze bottles

Jc: whoa there mississipi, how many of those have you had?

Lance; * slurring... (we all know that lance probably can't take his liquor very well.. look at him) what the FUCK do you want? You Wanna FUCK amanda too? just like JUSTIN? why is it always JUSTIN! JUSTIN, JUSTIN, JUSTIN!

JC: whoa buddy.. calm down k?

Lance: dammit JC! what did i do huh? what did I do? Justin has EVERYTHING! the cars, the fans, the money... and what could I call mine huh? Amanda! and so what does he do? take THAT away from me TOO!

JC: hey, well I'm supposed to get her stuff so....

While JC collects amanda's things, lance wants to know if he can see her.. maybe come back to his room with him

JC: sorry poofoo but uh, well how do i put this? the little woman said there would be "no sex in JC's room" (haha I LOVE THAT SONG! nooo sex in tha champagne room..) if I even think about bringin you back wit me

Lance: wait!

Lance in his drunken stupor runs over to the hotel desk and scribbles down a note on the stationary... and then slips it into the bag with her hair brush clipped to a little sliver and black bar clip

Lance: the last thing she does before she goes to bed is brush her hair, and put it up with this clip....oh amanda...*crying again* she'll get this tonite

JC: okay, whatever dude.... but I had nothing to do with this got it?

Lance: no problem

Back in the room, Amanda just downed like 5 juice boxes, and cryed into her pudding when Jc gets back... its been decided that JC can sleep wit Alex in lonnie's room, and Amanda can have her own... when she opens her bag to get out her hair brush.. she sees the note... and bursts into more tears... alex and JC have already left and shes alone... she reads it in silence
Lance: *door opens* what?
Amanda: hi lance