Episode 5 ~ not mah poofoo part II

Well..Amanda being the trusting girl that she is, doesn't think anything of leaving Lance alone... but when she can't find him she gets a little worried... her and Alex walk around trying to find him. But meanwhile back in the bathroom.....

Brit: hey Lance-y

Lance: what the hell are you doing here britney

The effects of the shit justin put in lances drink are beginning to take shape... Lance is groggy and confused... every girl looks like Amanda to him.. hes hulisinating that Britney is Amanda!

Brit: well lance... justin's told me how much you want me

Lance: yeah.. you're all I can think of ever.. i can't stand this virgin mississippi shit much longer you know?

Brit: uh... okay... anyway... are you ready.. we might as well get this over with right? I mean, after you i get jujubear.. i mean... just kidding

Lance:*about ready to pass out anyway* I love you amanda

Brit: whos amanda? oh well....

Well Amanda and Alex are searching for lance when JC comes to get Alex... Justin appears and offers to help Amanda find Lance instead of Alex... well Amanda and Justin go off to search when Justin tells her "have you checked the bathroom yet?" well Amanda hasn't.. and doesn't want to go into the clubs mens bathroom, when justin tells her its the entertainment one only... just for the nsyncers and *special* guests.. So the two person poofoo search party swing the b-room door open to find Brit and Lances humble re-inactment of everyones favorite movie "down on you"

Amanda: oh my god.. lance? *starting to cry*

Justin: Lance! Britney! how could you?

Lance: *groggily* wait... but thats amanda.. who are you? what... two amandas?

Amanda: what in the fuck are you on lance?

Britney: he's not on anything... who are you anyway

Amanda: first of all bitch.. I wasn't talking to your no talent ass, and second of all I'm his girlfriend

Britney: excuse me, bitch but hes the one who wanted me its not like i'd chase after his ugly ass

Amanda: who in the fuck are you calling a bitch you fucking slut? You're the one blowing MY boyfriend

Britney: obviously you've been doing something wrong, other wise he wouldn't be fantazizing about ME!

Amanda: FUCK YOU! *BAM! KICK! PUNCH! SLAP! PUNCH!* authors note: I'm stealing this from a very kick ass bitch named leighanne... this is the bitch marrying one of the backstreet bastard, *alex's fave* BUT she apparently bitch slaped britney for talkin shit about Brian, and then said the next thing Amanda says......

Britney: what the hell?

Amanda: want me to hit you one more time bitch? (ahaha.... i wish I really did that!)

Britney: I'm out of here! *leaves*

Lance: Amanda...what... Amanda?

Amanda: fuck you too lance! maybe britney can finish the job later... fucking slut. and you're a bastard... don't bother

Lance: wait, Amanda, I love you

Amanda: apparently you love britney too don't you... go to hell lance

Amanda runs out crying, and Justin follows her... in a *kind* effort to comfort her, justin offers to drive her back to the hotel or just around for awhile. Amanda wants to go anywhere but where she is and tells justin to go anywhere.

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