Episode 4 ~ not my poofoo

Lance and Amanda have been sitting in the bus for a while... just talking.. as usual

Amanda: Lance, really.. you have NOTHING to worry about.. at all, i love you. not justin

Lance: but manda I know how justin can be when he wants something.. he'll do anything to get it

Amanda: I'm not a object lance, plus I don't want justin... i want you...

Lance: Amanda..... just be careful okay?

Amanda: I will...

Justin's timing is quite amazing.. as usual.. after all he is jTr bitch! And he walks in on Amanda and Lance's tender moment.. seconds after they've begun kissin'... oooohhhh

Justin: hey dere.. i see we've got poofoo back to his dayum senses... honestly mississippi, you need to check yo self foo... get some prozac or some shit..

Amanda: he's fine justin.. what are you up to?

Justin: *sitting down in between them.. again* well baybe, i came back here to see if ya wanted to go crusin' in da benz...

Amanda: oh justin.. as much fun as that sounds lance and I are just gonna chill here

Justin: *pouting* oh, okay... i'll just go in mah bunk and chill den'...

But Justy's got a plan.... the plan of all plans... he gets out the bus and whips out his cell...

Justin: *dialing* 1-888-britney....


Britney: heeelllooo.... this is brit!

justin: hey.. britney its justin

Britney: omg! jujubear! I thought your phone was out of order... everytime I call its says its not a real number or something...

Justin: oh yeah.. keep callin dat numba.. i gots it fixed.. yeah well anyway brit.. I have a little propistion fo ya

Britney: a what? speak english jujubear!

So Brit and Justin work out their plans for the night.... hehe... but its not what you think. A few hours pass and its almost show time.. Brit arrives and stays hidden... but after the show.. all 8 of the peeps head off in the bus to the after party.. Juju bear, brit, Lance, Amanda, Joey, Thuga Peal, and Alex.... there is where things start to get freaky

Brit: justin.. did I really have to hide in the side compartments?

Justin: yes brit.. its a suprise... he doesn't know you're coming. and we wouldn't want to ruin it now would we. You're all he talk about... how much he'd LOVE to hit ya more than one time....

Brit: oh okay jujubear, but if i hit it with him you and me will go back to the hotel right?

Justin: yeah, thats right brit... now do you know EXACTLY what is supposed ta go down?

Brit: sure jujubear, I'm good at going down...

Justin: I'm sure you dumb bitch how else did you get a record deal?

Brit: what did you say jujubear... I think riding in that compartment made me def or somethin'!

justin; nothing brit.. just keep quiet bitch

Brit: K!

Inside the club, Jc and Alex are dancin' away while Lance goes over to the bar and gets 2 Shirley Temples... (i seriously love those things.... lance can buy me a shirley temple any day... ahaha) When justin comes crusin up

Justin: hey there lance!

Lance: what do you want?

justin: nothin' i just hope you aren't still mad at me... i'm really not tryin to move in on yo girl

Lance: good justin....

Amanda: *walking up and grabbin a ST...* hey guys

Lance: how are you baybe? *lance desides to show off and cuddle w/manda infront of juju*

Well our little jujubear decides to pull a sneaky one on the two love birds.. pouring some powder shit in lance's Shirley Temple.... throughout the night Lance drinks away and while Amanda leaves to go find Alex, Lance is grabbed and pulled into the bathroom by a cold, pink nail polished hand

Episode 5

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